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So??? You vote.

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For the second weekend in a row I get to yell horrible things at the TV about Bobby Petrino as Kentucky plays Louisville today for the Governor’s Cup.

Let’s just remind you the history of the biggest “gutless bastard” in all of sports.  Here is a timeline that put together.



After his only season as the Jaguars‘ offensive coordinator, Petrino takes the Auburn offensive coordinator job, allegedly without telling Jacksonville head coach Tom Coughlin.


After one year at Auburn, Petrino takes the Louisville head coaching job. He then interviews with Auburn boosters for the Tigers’ head coaching position, behind the backs of his eventual boss (Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich) and former boss (Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville, who had yet to be fired).

Petrino lied about having any contact with Auburn officials — until two reporters for The (Louisville) Courier-Journal confronted him with documentation of the private plane that brought the university president and athletic director into Petrino’s backyard. I was one of the two reporters. And even when faced with the evidence, Petrino resisted telling the truth until Auburn issued a statement owning up to the whole affair.

Boxed into a corner, Petrino asked forgiveness and chalked it up to the inexperience of a “young coach.” Louisville forgave him because he was 9-3 and his offense blew up scoreboards.

Tuberville stays with the school until 2008. Petrino will have three different head coaching jobs in that time.

2004 to 2006

Petrino interviews for at least three other head coaching jobs — the RaidersNotre Dameand LSU — and is reportedly in touch with multiple other teams. At one point he says, “I’m not interested in any other coaching jobs.”

He gets a raise.

July 13, 2006

Petrino signs a 10-year contract extension with Louisville, telling the world he isn’t going anywhere:

“We did want to make a statement,” Petrino said. ” … I also wanted to make sure that everyone understood – and I know I’ve said it – that this is where my family wants to be and where I want to be. But I want everyone to really believe it when it is said.”

Asked later if he was emphatically telling other teams not to pursue him, Petrino said, “Yeah. That’s why we did the buyout. That’s why I wanted the buyout, so everybody understands that.”

January 7, 2007

Petrino goes somewhere, as he is hired as the head of the Atlanta FalconsHe says he’s taking what he “truly feel[s] is the best job in the National Football League.”

“I’m in shock right now,” a Louisville player tells ESPN. “We’re coming off a great Orange Bowl win and we were all thinking national championship. I didn’t think this would happen. He said he enjoyed college football. He’s a great coach, and we’re going to miss him.”

November 26, 2007

Petrino says he hasn’t considered leaving the Falcons, who are 3-8 without quarterback Michael Vick.

I haven’t given it one bit of thought. I certainly don’t want to get into any speculation and rumors and having to deal with that. I’m focused on our football team here.

December 10, 2007

Petrino resigns from the Falcons 13 games into his first season, telling his players via a 78-word letter posted in the team’s locker room.

One player, Lawyer Milloy, responds by writing “coward” in red Sharpie on his copy and displaying it for reporters. Three years later, Petrino’s defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer, calls Petrino a “gutless bastard.”

That night, Petrino is introduced as the head coach at Arkansas.

December 2008

Jurich, the Cardinals AD, on the ongoing process of cleaning up Petrino’s Louisville mess:

Bobby went to areas where he thought he was strong recruiting and some of them panned out and some didn’t. That’s the nature of it. But listen, we had to clear out a lot of discipline issues. And our numbers suffered. We cleared 21 kids out of here, and that’s a lot. That’s a big hit for anybody to take, Eric. I don’t know anyone that has. But we want to do things the right way.

April 1, 2012

Petrino crashes his motorcycle, suffering injuries.

It’s later discovered that his passenger on the bike was a 25-year-old former Arkansas volleyball player and current football team assistant with whom he was having an affair. He’d hired her (possibly illegally) over several far more qualified candidates.

Petrino attempts to hide the assistant’s presence at the crash, asking a witness not to call 911. Arkansas eventually releases a statement saying Petrino was alone in the crash.

April 11, 2012

Petrino is fired by Arkansas after the 2011 season following the events resulting from the motorcycle crash, which included the coach lying to athletic director Jeff Long and the revelation that Petrino had paid his mistress $20,000.

“We’ve put a lot of hard work over these last four years to get where we’re at,” running back Knile Davis tells the Associated Press. “Just to see it go down the drain in 24 hours is just, you know, it hurts. But we can’t do anything but move forward.”

An NFL team is reportedly interested in him.

December 20, 2012

Petrino is hired by Western Kentucky as its new head coach after rumors connecting him to Arkansas State, Colorado, and others.

Petrino was fired by Arkansas after being caught lying about his affair with an employee, which was brought to light due to his wrecking a motorcycle with her aboard. He also has a very well-earned reputation as a job-hopper. But other than that, he’s good to go!

He does not promise to stay forever, saying, “You can’t know what the future is going to hold, but we hope that we can be here as long as possible.”

March 2013

SB Nation’s own Steven Godfrey profiles Petrino and the move to Western Kentucky. Athletic director Todd Stewart admits that a quick departure by the coach is a likely result.

We want him here for a long time, obviously, but I’m not naive to the turnover. This was Willie Taggart’s alma mater and he only stayed here three years. Certainly change is a possibility but I don’t want to have to replace a head coach every year. I think continuity is important and that’s what we’re striving for.

August 2013

Anonymous SEC coaches on the ongoing process of cleaning up Petrino’s Arkansas mess:

They are going to be slim in a lot of spots. It’s going to take them three years to get a good foundation. It’s a product of bad recruiting – which is typical of a Bobby Petrino school. It’s the same thing that happened at Louisville that got Steve Kragthorpe fired. Petrino didn’t leave him any players. It’s the same thing at Arkansas. They have no players on defense. Petrino would load up on offense and leave the cupboard bare. That’s why he can’t ever get over the hump.

January 8, 2014

Petrino is reportedly being hired again by Louisville after one season with the Hilltoppers.


A Dozen Great Songs. Part 1

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We are nearing the end of 2014 which it means it is time for me to share my some of my favorite songs from this year.  2014 was a great year for music in all kinds of genres.  I found it hard to keep up with all of the great music coming out over the past 12 months.  With that being said I was able to narrow it down to my favorite 12 songs of the year.  Today I will give you the first half of my 12 favorite songs of 2014.  You can also look forward to my highly anticipated top albums of 2014 in the next couple of weeks, just in time for you to load up on good albums for Christmas.


12.  Benjamin Booker – Have You Seen My Son?  

Booker put out his self titled debut album earlier this year and in the words of Dave Grohl it is a “barn burner”.  This guy was a barista in a coffee shop in 2013 and then he opened up for Jack White on tour and the rest is history.  The song “Violent Shiver” was the song that got most of the attention from this album but I think this song is the strongest cut from the album.  Check him out doing the song live on the Conan O’Brien show.  You are going to need to turn this one up to get the full effect.



11. Jack White – Just One Drink

When Jack White was not discovering Benjamin Booker, or running one of the coolest record stores in Nashville he was putting out some pretty great music on his own.  If you do not own his latest album “Lazaretto”, you really should pick up the album. If you are into vinyl the album is one of the coolest vinyl releases ever.  This album is full of great songs but if you made me pick one it would be this nasty cut.  Here he is doing a great live version of the song from the Glastonbury Festival earlier this year.



10. Foo Fighters – Congregation

If you do not like the Foo Fighters that is cool but if you do not like Dave Grohl you are most likely an asshole.  He is probably the coolest guy in rock music right now.  Hopefully you are watching the 8 part documentary “Sonic Highways” on HBO because it is the best show on TV.  It documents the Foos recording their latest album also named “Sonic Highways” in 8 different cities across the country.  The Nashville episode was pretty unbelievable and the song that came from that episode is my favorite song from the album.  Give it a listen.



9. Lee Ann Womack- The Way That I’m Livin’

I think Lee Ann Womack has one of the best voices in Nashville and I like her even more since she has removed herself from the Nashville country music machine.  She has been releasing music that will never get played on country radio for awhile now.  Typically if you are releasing country music and country radio will not play it that means you are doing something right.  That is the case with her latest album.  You can get a taste of what I am taking about below.



8. Drive By Truckers – Shit Shots Count

I have dabbled in this band’s music for about a decade but over the past couple of months I have been obsessing over them. I am pretty sure if I play one of their albums in front of my wife again she is leaving me.  I think they are one of the best American rock bands of the bast 20 years and will probably never get the recognition they deserve.  The lead song from their latest album “English Oceans” sounds like it could have been included on The Rolling Stones “Exile on Main Street” record.  Check out a live version of “Shit Shots Count” recorded at the world famous 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia earlier this year.



7. Shovels & Rope – The Devil is all Around

This husband wife duo is probably one of the coolest bands out there right now.  They have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years.  They are on my list of bands I need to see live as soon as possible.  “The Devil is all Around” was the first song I heard from their latest album and I loved it the minute I heard it.  You can see what I am talking about below.  The fact that they are getting to do this song on the Grand Ole Opry is pretty cool.




Not everyone thinks I’m funny, the wife and daughters for sure, but at least the ladies at KSR enjoy them some BDS.

First the Top 10 Tweets.

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and then We Ask You Wednesdays asks what we are thankful for.

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Twice in one day?  Someone pinch me!  Even Matt and the boys even enjoyed themselves some BackdoorSlider the past couple of days on the KSR show.  Take a listen.

All kidding aside, Matt Jones and the crew at KSR is why BackdoorSlider started.  My wife got tired of seeing me on their website and said that I should start my own.  Getting some some love from them is pretty cool.   They are not the largest college website for nothing.  Thanks to Courtney Sealey, Ally Tucker and Matt Jones.  Keep up the great work and Go Cats!

BDS’s favorite Thanksgiving moments

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Thanksgiving kicks off the most wonderful time of years and has always been one of my favorite days of the year. I have great memories of Thanksgiving and here are some of my favorites.

As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

Eat me I’m a turkey!


Growing up we all watched the Cowboys every Thanksgiving and what is more memorable than this Cowboy’s moment.

Dressing up like Pilgrims and Indians

Every year my brother and I would make Pilgrim hats and Indian headgear.  This year Luci carries on the family tradition.


The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Here is a look back at the 1984 parade intro.  The list of names is something else.

Dog pile on the rabbit, dog pile on the rabbit

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It seems that everyone these days are piling on Tom Crean. Not wanting to be left out is Linda Bryant, mother of Indiana recruit Thomas Bryant. She had this to say to Chris Carlson of

The thing that every Crean backer hangs their hat on is Tommy’s recruiting ability. If that starts to suffer more than it already has then Crean’s days have to be numbered. Right?

The folks down in Bloomington heard how opposing teams felt mistreated when they came to town and wanted to change that image. Rumors have it the past two weekends Fred Glass and crew traveled to South Bend to see why so many teams and fan bases love making the trip to Norte Dame.
It seems that Fred took real good notes.