Putting the Hoosiers to bed and looking forward to the biggest football weekend yet!

Posted: November 5, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Alright, hump day is here and it is time to put the Indiana basketball dumpster fire to bed and look forward to this weekends huge college football line-up.

Indiana basketball was going to be rotten before the players decided drinking and chasing was more important than winning games and no matter what they decide on Crean at this time they will blow this year and probably next year also.  Tom Crean is still in over his head at IU and is still one of the biggest dicks in all of sports.  @NicktotheD will still be buying my beer and wings when the Hoosiers don’t win 20 games this year.  Oh, and to all the candy stripe wearers, Brad Stevens will not be pulling a Bobby Petrino and leave the Celtics to save your program.  This thing is going to burn longer than The Springfield tire fire.


OK, let’s move on.

There are eight games this weekend that will shape the college football playoff this weekend and three of those eight are knockout games.

Baylor @ Oklahoma     Noon     FS1


The Bears can sure put up points but will they be able to go into Norman and play a complete game?

What do the Irish need to happen?  Go Sooners.  I don’t think if both Baylor and ND win out that the Bears would finish ahead but lets get them out of the picture.

Notre Dame @ Arizona St.     3:30     ABC


Texas A&M @ Auburn     3:30     CBS

I don’t give A&M much of a chance but you just never know.

What do the Irish need to happen?  Auburn’s next loss will knock them out so let’s go Aggies.

Virginia @ Florida St.     6:30     ESPN

Someone is going to beat these guys and Virginia might have a good enough defense to keep it close enough for Winston to commit a felony.

Kansas St. @ TCU     7:30     FOX

This might be the biggest game of the weekend for the Irish and their playoff hopes.

What do the Irish need to happen?  It is very important for TCU to get their second loss this weekend since they will be heavily favored in their three remaining games.  Kansas St. will still have to travel to West Virginia and Baylor and can trip up there.  Go Wildcats!

Ohio St. @ Michigan St.     8:00     ABC


This is your last knock out game of the day and it should be a great one.

What do the Irish need to happen?  I really think Irish fans should be rooting for the Buckeyes in this one.  If Michigan St. wins out and beats Nebraska in the Big10 championship game they will be hard to keep out.

Alabama @ LSU     8:00     CBS


What do the Irish need to happen?  For the Irish to have their best chance to make the playoff then the SEC needs to only get in one team.  A two loss Bama team will not get in so GEAUX TIGERS!

Oregon @ Utah     10:00    ESPN

I know that it is going to be hard to pace yourself with all the great games so far but you are going to want to stay up to watch this one.  Hopefully you don’t have to close one eye to see the TV because these teams will be flying up and down the field and you could get dizzy.

What do the Irish need to happen?  Oregon is another one of those teams the Irish need to lose now.  The Ducks will not face a real opponent until the Pac12 championship game.  GO UTES!


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