We need to bring back the BCS, well at least part of it

Posted: November 16, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

I think we all can agree this years college football season has been one for the ages.  Big games every week and not just a couple for all day long every Saturday.  We have had a season that makes me neglect my family on Saturdays to the point I don’t watch the NFL on Sunday.

Now with all that said, let me complain about one small thing.  Why did we need a selection committee? We had something in place that was working, the BCS formula.

I know what you are saying, we all hated the BCS.  Well not really.  We just wanted a playoff.  We were tired of being held to just two teams when many years 3 or 4 teams could make an argument for the title and we finally got it.  So why the committee?  Didn’t the BCS formula do a great job of ranking the teams?  I thought so.  Take a look at what the BCS formula would have the teams ranked as of this week.


I don’t think any reasonable fan would argue with the top 4 as of right now.  The thing that jumps out to me is the BCS formula tells us what we already knew but the committee fails to see.  Baylor is better than TCU.  How do we know this?  The beat them for the love of God.  The other think the formula does is not let these old times who have old school Big10 ties give Ohio St. a bump just because they win the Big10.

I love the 4 team format but do think we will get to an 8 team playoff soon enough.  Every year there will be at least one major conference left out and that is not going to set will.  8 teams = 5 conference champs and 3 wild cards but use the formula and not a committee to decide the 3 wild cards and seeds.  This is what it would look like this week.

  1. Alabama        SEC
  2. Florida St.      ACC
  3. Oregon          PAC12
  4. Baylor            Big12
  5. Ohio St.         BIG10
  6. Miss St.         Wildcard
  7. TCU              Wildcard
  8. Ole Miss        Wildcard

Now I think 8 is as large as you want to get this thing before it starts to get watered down.  To make sure that going from 4 to 8 does not kill some excitement of the great regular season is a really easy fix.  The top four seeded conference champions host the first round of the playoff.  It will reward the conference champions but still leaves one going on the road if a conference happens to be won by an 8-4 team.  Three wildcards also gives a chance to the smaller conferences to get in a team like Boise St. or Northern Illinois if they can get in the top 8.  If they do get in it will be because they are good enough not because the committee was soft and wanted to have a feel good story in the playoff.

So there you go.  I love the playoff.  I love college football and the best regular season I can remember in a long time.  Just bring back the formula so the committee can screw this thing up.


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