ACC Deems Contact Between Winston and Referee Consensual

Posted: November 24, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Backdoor Slider was able to sit down with ACC Commissioner, John Swofford, to discuss the above play.

BDS:   Were you able to review the Winston play where he clearly shoves an official not one but twice and what was your conclusion?

Swofford:  We saw it and felt the no call on the field was the correct call.

BDS:  So you feel like the contact between Winston and the official was proper?

Swofford:  We contacted the official in question and he confirmed the contact was consensual.

BDS:  Consensual?  That is an odd word to use.  So if it was “consensual” then why does the official push back?

Swofford:  We asked and he said it was foreplay.  Plus, what was he expecting being dressed like that while standing behind the center.

BDS:  Isn’t he just wearing the ACC issued uniform and wait, what?  Did you really just say that?  The official clearly pushes back on Winston’s advances.  Doesn’t NO mean NO?

Swofford:  We have a playoff to make and at least Winston didn’t let his friends have a turn like last time.  I’m sure he meant yes and even if he didn’t we will have a booster make it right. 

BDS:  So are you confirming there was a last time?

Swofford:  This interview is over!





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