What’s wrong with the Irish and where do they go from here?

Posted: November 24, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

I knew that the movie Rudy was based on a true story and was not exactly a documentary.  I knew some of the movie screens were fictional and put in to make the story better.  I guess I just didn’t think it was this one.

Remember when that rang true in Notre Dame Stadium?  Remember when Notre Dame had a football team that at times would come up short on talent but never come up short on heart?  Remember when Notre Dame had a team that was willing to get into a back alley brawl if need be?


Remember when Notre Dame had a football program that made you proud to be a Notre Dame fan?

I watched every bit of last nights game (I have no idea why) and never once did I think the Irish were going to or deserved to win.  You had a coaching staff that seemed perplexed how to stop a one dimensional offense with a quarterback making his first start.  I never understood why Notre Dame didn’t load up the box and blitz the living daylights out of the young QB.  Stop the run, dare them to pass.  Yes, Louisville has one of the best receivers in the country in DeVante Parker but if the quarterback is on his back or running for his life I’ll take my chances.

The leader of this team looks like he has quit and wants to go sit in the corner and have a good cry.  I almost feel sorry for Everett Golson for some reason.  I usually want to strangle a player that has more turnovers than a French bakery but for some reason I don’t.  I just want to give Everett a hug and tell him it is going to be OK.

I mentioned it in a previous post but doesn’t it seem that Notre Dame has become like Walt Disney World for football fans?  I know it is great.  I wanted to take my brother, Louisville fan, to the game just so he could see what the Notre Dame Saturday experience was all about.  From the great tailgate scene to the band and the campus.  It is all great and should be shared with all that come.  I am proud that the ND fan base is so welcoming to the visiting crowd and make sure they have a good time but can’t we leave it at that?  I wanted to show my bother the campus and all the festivities but then watch his face when his team got kicked in the teeth.  The past few years these teams and fan bases roll in with smiles on their face and leave looking like my daughters leaving the Magic Kingdom.


So what is the answer?  As much as I don’t want Brian Kelly to be the coach of Notre Dame right now do you disrupt an off season that should be leading into a season where the Irish should compete for the national championship.  Injuries have really handcuffed this coaching staff and next year one would think the team will be healthier.  Notre will not lose much talent off of this years team and the 2015 schedule looks to be challenging enough to put the Irish in the mix but still very manageable.


Didn’t Kelly take the Irish to the title game just two seasons ago?  Wow, that seems like it was years ago.

The thing is I just keep coming back to the fact that this football team looks to have quit.  I know they came back against Louisville but they should have beaten that team by 20.  If they go to the west coast and get ran by USC I think you have to seriously think about making a change.  I have never given much thought to the rumors circulating about Kelly wanting to take the Florida job but maybe this team knows something you and I don’t.  Maybe he already has one foot out the door like he did at Cincinnati when he made the move to South Bend.  We will see this weekend.




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