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As the sports world takes a quick breath for the next couple of days let’s take a look at why we love sports and the craziness that it brings.  Holliday style.

First we have and Indiana fan who took the lighting of the house to another level.

Nice work and I love that IU fans are even celebrating beating the best basketball program in all the land even at Christmas time.

Now in Kentucky I could not find much from the light category but you know BBN loves to make songs (Lord help us) so I give you the Christmas favorite, Nerlens NOEL.

Sweet Jesus, some thing tells me they will not be singing that during Christmas mass this year.

In 2010 the Louisville Cardinal basketball team game us this classic. 

If only the Pitino groupies kept their legs crossed as well has Rick does.  Just saying.

To make sure that we do not forget the small schools that also fill gyms across the country this holiday season,  Concordia College brings us this trick shot Christmas clip.


Last night Marvin Lewis and the Bengals did something they never had done before, beat Peyton Manning.  But after taking a closer I am not sure Peyton was actually the one taking the snaps.  You can take a look for yourself but I really think that Bizarro Manning was in the Bronco’s huddle last night.

The Peyton we all know and most of you love. 


Bizarro Peyton Manning


Hey, what every it takes to snap that streak and get the Bengals in the playoffs for the 4th straight time.

The answer is not good for Purdue basketball fans.  Honestly, if you are being compared to Billy G it is never good.  Both coaches have lost to Gardner-Webb at home.

At least Billy G could wake up in the morning and tell everyone that he was drunk.


You want to know why no one was at last weekends Crossroads Classic?  Simple, with the departure of Brad Stevens there is not one coach in the state of Indiana that Kentucky, Duke or Kansas would hire if their coaches left today.  Until Purdue and Indiana decides to get real coaches losses like tonight in West Lafayette will continue to happen.  At least when it happened in Lexington, UK didn’t give their coach an extension they showed him the door.


The Red Rocket does it again

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They should just put a yellow and black jersey on Andy Dalton.  This is getting old.  Here is a replay of the Pick 6.


Three Christmas gifts from our childhood

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Only three sleeps left before we all wake up to what Santa has left for us under the tree.  Don’t you remember the anticipation and wonder of the season.  Trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve and the pure joy of waking up on Christmas morning to finally get to open the presents to see if the Jolly Ole Elf remembered that special gift.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember some of the big gifts from Christmas past.

Atari 2600 (1981)

This is one straight from my childhood.  I will never forget the Christmas morning I joined the world of video games from the comfort of my own home.


Cabbage Patch Kids (1983)

I didn’t have a little sister so my parents were safe from the crazy people looking to get their hands on these dolls.


Teddy Ruxpin (1985)

Here is another one that I didn’t have.  I think my parents knew I had real friends to play with so they didn’t have to buy me one.



I really think Georgetown missed a chance to truly make a point. David Allen should have worn a shirt that read I Can.

Since posting we have gotten some other suggested t-shirts for Mr. Allen.  (by the way, I have had a couple people ask which one is David Allen.  No really)

  • I Can’t Jump
  • I Can’t Play
  • I Can’t Dunk

Keep them coming.