The BS committee is about to piss off at least one conference and why I like it

Posted: December 7, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


This morning the BS committee will let us know who is worthy enough to play for the national championship.  Unless the BS committee has been pulling our leg for the past few weeks (now do you see them doing this every week was useless and ridiculous) your final four will probably end up being Bama, FSU, Oregon and TCU.  Either way a major conference is going to be left out with a couple legitimate 1 loss teams on the outside looking in.

The Big10 and Big12 might not be very happy come this afternoon and this is why I have been saying all year we will get to an 8 team playoff sooner than later.

  • Five Conference Champions
  • Three WildCard

To reward the conference champions and help make sure stadiums are full for the first round the highest ranked 4 conference champions host the first round.

Bring back the BCS and keep the BSC to the curb.  The formula was not the problem, we just wanted more teams.  The BS committee even when right will be viewed as biased and it will probably be deserved.

So what would an 8 team playoff look like?  Something like this.

Alabama hosts Arizona

Florida St. hosts Mississippi St.

Oregon hosts Baylor

TCU hosts Ohio St.

Before this can happen I think the powers to be will make the Big 12 expand and host a conference championship game slowing down the expansion of the tournament a bit but mark my words, this will get done.



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