The Lollypop Guild forces Marvin Lewis to issue apology

Posted: December 9, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


So it looks like the Lollypop Guild not only is still a thing but has the power to make Marvin Lewis do something Bengal fans have wanted him to do for years now.  APOLOGIZE!

As we all know by now Marvin was on the radio last night and referred to Johnny Manziel as a midget.  Well little people took to the streets and demanded justice.  BDS was able to capture photos of some of the protests in and around the Cincinnati area.



They wanted 3 ounces of flesh and boy did they get it.  Here was the response from Bengal offices today from Marvin Lewis.


While many of us in WhoDey Nation felt that Marvin should have been apologizing years ago for is game management decisions, everyone is at least happy to know that an apology is possible after today.

BDS could only find one person that was in support of coach Lewis.  ESPN’s Lee Corso.


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