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BDS Bracketology – Seeds 1-4

Posted: January 29, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

After last nights big win by the Irish we see some movement in what the top four seeds should look like if Selection Sunday was today.



Last night the state of Indiana took center stage in the college basketball world and the home teams took care of business.

Up in South Bend the Irish made everyone take notice when they went came from 10 points down with their captain in the locker room to give the Dukies their third loss of the year.  I know that we are still about a month and a half away from Selection Sunday but in the BDS Bracketology we have the Irish on the 2 line.  Last night was a huge win for this years Irish for sure but could have been huge for the future also as Indiana HS McDonald’s All American, Calib Swanigan was in attendance to see the victory in front of the hyped crowd.  Here are the highlights from last night contest.


Notre Dame sure hit some BIG shots last night.


Coach Brey after the game.  Still the only Duke assistant to beat Coach K.


Last night Purdue kept their tournament hopes alive by holding serve and sending the Hoosiers back to B-Town with their tails between their legs.  Here is what the coaches and Purdue players had to say after the game.



Photo from @EastKYMedia

Well, the BBN including myself has wanted Kentucky to play big boy SEC football.  Today rumors are flying that would fit for a SEC football program.  The guy above according to something called, I would check what it was but the website has crashed, was in the losing end of a fight with 3 UK football players.  Of course twitter has been afire with stories and outrage but lets let the facts flush out before we rush to judgement.  My 2 cents, this is not good but it is not the end of the world.  I do not condone this behavior.  Hell, I am a guy that has never been in an actual fight before but lets remember what this is.  Jock on Jock crime.  If the facts are these guys did this they should be punished but it should not cost them their scholarships.  As bad as this might seem today at least these idiots chose to pick on someone their own size and didn’t take out their testosterone rage out on a women like what Vandy is having to deal with.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 7.54.17 PM

The NHL doesn’t get a lot of love, hell did you even know the All Star game was this weekend?  Probably not, but it doesn’t mean that these guys are not the most incredible athletes on ice.  Take a look at this.

IU basketball and NickD are getting closer

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Last night the Hoosiers got a big win at home to climb back a top the Big10 and get one step closer to making me pick up the tab when NickD comes to town.  Here are the highlights if you could not stay up past your bedtime last night.


All the Hoosiers need to do is go 5-7 the rest of the way for NickD to win the bet but I’m sure he has his sights set on bigger and better things for the candy stripers.  He wants to put this thing back on.



When Tom’s balls just aren’t enough

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All this talk about Tom’s balls is making me hungry.  Maybe some Schweddy balls will do the trick.

The crew at Bad Lip Reading are back and once again they do not disappoint.