Random thoughts to keep you warm

Posted: January 7, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

You know it is too cold outside when the kids are off school and this is what you see around town.

Pictures courtesy of Onecoolthingaday.com

Pictures courtesy of Onecoolthingaday.com


Pictures courtesy of Onecoolthingaday.com


Pictures courtesy of Onecoolthingaday.com

Hopefully everyone got safely home before they had to slice that Tauntaun open.

Has there ever been more Ole Miss fans in Indiana than there was last night?

Not a chance.  I know Ole Miss is easy to root for because they can flat shoot the ball and they have their hot girlfriends pose for pictures and post them on social media.


But that wasn’t it last night.  They did a few things last night that no other team has come close to doing last night.

Score more than 70 points against the best defensive team college basketball has seen in a few years.

Get to play 45 minutes in Lexington.

Make the older, lower level, season ticket holders of the #BBN get off their hands and pucker those butts on a Tuesday night.

But most important here in Hoosier land they almost assured that The ’76 Hoosiers didn’t become an after thought.  I really thought the Cats were going down and if it wasn’t for a bad late turnover by Ole Miss they probably would have.  The thing is we found out something about this years Kentucky team.  They have heart and fight even when they don’t have their game.  The twins and WCS were nails down the stretch and flat refused to lose.  I am not one of the guys that think UK will go 40-0 but when you have these two on your team it allows this fanboy to dream.







Does anyone really think the Colts have a shot this Sunday?

I for one think they do and it is because of one reason and one reason only.  Andrew Luck.  As long as the coaching staff allows Luck to keep butting the ball up in the air then the Colts will have a punchers chance.  All I know is if the Bengals had Andrew Luck as their quarterback instead of the Red Rocket they would be hosting a game this weekend.

Ok, maybe there is two reasons why the horseshoes have a chance.  I am not sure Danny and the rest of the Bronco fans out there are man enough to post bathroom selfies with their cats.


That will never get old to me.

Speaking of great football fandom pictures.  

Who does this picture remind you of?


The person it reminds me of said it could not be him because the guy in the picture has his pants on.  Good call!

Stay warm and good luck keeping those pipes from freezing.


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