ACC is great and deep. Really? No, not really.

Posted: January 8, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized


College basketball has entered into the meat of the season while teams are getting their feet wet in conference play.  We are only about a week in and I am already sick and tired of hearing how great the ACC is.  Am I jealous?  Nope.  Am I just a hater as the kids say?  Nope.  The fact is the ACC basketball strength is a myth no different from Bigfoot or the believe that Rick Pitino is an honorable man.  Now don’t get me wrong, they are good, but they are not the dominate conference that ESPN will lead you to believe.

Don’t believe me?  Then let’s take a look at what KenPom thinks.  There are 6 conferences that really matter in the basketball landscape.  Here is how many each conference has in the Top 25 and in the Top 55.  (I came up with the top 55 since that is what printed off on one page and it is a nice cut off of legitimate tournament teams.)

Top 25 Top 55
ACC 5 6
Pac 12 2 4
Big East 2 7
SEC 2 8
Big 10 4 7
Big 12 6 7

So what do we see?  We know that the ACC is very top heavy.  They have Duke, Virginia and Louisville at the top but they are not any deeper really than any other conference.  The much maligned SEC only really has Kentucky at the top but is just as deep if not just a tad deeper.  If you were to look at the headlines after this weeks games you would never no that.  Kentucky, Duke, Virginia and Louisville were all given all they could handle this week by teams they should beat.  The headlines after the UK game all talked about what a monumental upset it would have been while the headlines this morning after the ACC games all point to the depth of the ACC and how great of a conference it is.

They got it half right.  If Ole Miss would have held on it would have been a huge upset but the other games would have been just as much if not more of an upset.  Let’s go back to the non-biased KenPom rankings.

  • Ole Miss  53
  • NC St.  58
  • Wake Forest   115
  • Clemson   133

According to the numbers Clemson over Louisville or Wake over Duke would have been a much bigger upset than the UK game but that is not the story.  Let’s just put it this way, Evansville (111), Penn St. (110) and Valpo (86) are better teams than Wake and Clemson.  So how again are these good wins for these ACC teams?  Still think the ACC is so great?  Once again they are good but just don’t believe they are so deep just because ESPN tells you so.


  1. epschoet says:

    Really…you are comparing Wake with Ole Miss…they both suck. Yes the ACC is better than the SEC. I wish you would use the same logic when discussing the SEC in football.


    • jmklee says:

      Ole miss sucks alot less is the point and the ACC loves to say how deep they are but they just are not. When it comes to football yes the SEC is still the deepest and best conference. If you just give in and drink the KoolAde your life will be much better.


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