Forget the Bucks and Ducks, Tara is the real star tonight!

Posted: January 12, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

If you are not wanting to watch hours of Championship pregame you need to get to know who this national treasure is.


She is crazy, she is drunk and she is part of the best show on TV.  It is Tara from The Bachelor.  I really thought this chick was either going to piss herself or pass out while awaiting her rose.  Tara and the rest of the crazy women will be on ABC from 8-10 tonight and it is must see television.  Trust me, watch Tara get drunk, say inappropriate things and probably cry.  Then you can turn over to the game and probably only miss a drive or two.  You will not regret it.

So tonight is the night college football comes to an end and I am ready for it to be over.  As much as I love the college season the bowl season seems to go on for ever and personally I don’t like to watch college football after New Year’s Day.  I love the playoff and without it either Bama or FSU would be the National Champ this year but they need to play the final four the week before Christmas and the title game on NYD evening.  January football is for the NFL.

Speaking of the NFL, I am done watching it this year.  I’m serious.  I’m done.  No Colts v Pats.  No Super Bowl and most regrettably not even the Katy Perry halftime show.  (I would have muted the sound of course but you know I was looking forward to seeing that.)  If you know me you know my distain for The League.  Roger Goodell has turned The League into a some sick mash-up of WWE and the NBA.  The League pretends to care about domestic violence but they don’t.  The League pretends to care about breast cancer but they don’t.  Most importantly they pretend to care about the play on the field and once again they don’t.  Instant replay and a rule book that is longer than the Warren Commission Report has ruined a game I once loved.  So there I am watching the Dallas game with one of my daughters and I am trying to explain the game to her so hopefully she will want to watch more games with me.  Then this happened.

She asked me why that wasn’t a catch and I told her I have no idea.  I know I know, the letter of the law said it wasn’t but that is straight bullshit and because of it I am done.  I can’t even tell any longer what is a catch.  I can’t tell any longer what is a sack and what is an illegal hit.  I turned the game off at that point and didn’t watch a second of NFL after that play was overturned.  My name is Jason and I have been NFL clean for almost 48 hours and I am better because of it.


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