What does Crean, Rosie Red and deflated balls have in common?

Posted: January 22, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Let’s start with what it seems like everyone here in Indy is consumed with, Deflategate.  Can I just say I don’t get it?  To me this is a non-story much like wide receivers not wearing their leg pads.  Both are done on purpose, both are against the rules and both make the player feel they can play better.  Most importantly though neither one really matter at the end of the day.  And no, not because it was a blowout.  It would not have mattered if the game had gone into triple overtime.  Colts fans and Indy “media” need to take a page from their kids favorite movie and LET IT GO!  You are starting to not only sound but really appear to be a bunch of little bitches.  Indy sports fans have always had little brother syndrome when it comes to their teams but this one might really take the cake.  This happens all the time.  It is a non issue.  The penalty should be a minor fine and let’s move on.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Onto some college basketball.  IU basketball starts tonight a very important week and a week that will tell us a lot about this years team.  Home against Maryland, at Ohio St. and at Purdue could expose this Hoosier team.  If Crean is able to win 2 of 3 then I think it will be time for everyone in the Big10 to take notice.  Lose tonight though and they could be staring a 3 game losing streak straight in the face.


Guess what Reds fans, pitchers and catchers are less than a month away and the Cincinnati nine still suck balls.  That being said the Reds have kicked off one of the coolest things any organization does in MLB.  The Reds Caravan.  Here are the stops here in Indiana and who will be in attendance.  It for sure is a great way to get close and meet the ones we root for all summer long.

Thursday, Jan. 22   Muncie, In. (Stoops Automotive)   6 to 8 pm     
Friday, Jan. 23        Evansville, In. (Eastland Mall)   6 to 8:30 pm  
Saturday, Jan. 24    Bloomington, In. (College Mall)   10:30 am to 1:30 pm
                                 Indianapolis, In. (Castleton Square Mall)   3 to 6 pm
West Tour participants:
Jim Kelch & Jeff Brantley – broadcasters
Billy Hamilton – outfielder
Glenn Braggs – former outfielder
Jesse Winker – minor league outfielder
Dick Williams – Vice President, Assistant General Manager (Thurs & Fiday)
Bob Castellini – Reds President & CEO (Indianapolis stop only)
Joe Morgan – Hall of Famer & Senior Advisor to the President & CEO (Indianapolis stop only)
Rosie Red – mascot


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