My thoughts on Crazy Kelsey, Pete Carroll and other Super Bowl random thoughts

Posted: February 3, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Ok, If you know anything about me you known I have some really bad guilty pleasures and one of those guilty pleasures is The Bachelor.  I have always said that if you are not watching you are missing out.  Take 20 to 30 highly competitive women and throw in one d-bag and you get TV gold.  I usually watch the first few weeks and lose interest as most of the crazy gets removed from the show.  Well not this year as they have taken crazy to the next level.


She probably killed her husband, she might stab the bachelor, and might then eat his liver with a nice chianti.  If you have not seen Gone Girl yet then don’t.  Save yourself the $40 you would have spent at the movies and just tune in next Monday evening.  The only thing you will be missing is Ben Affleck and really are you missing anything there?

So as much as I hate the NFL I have to admit they sucked me in Sunday night.  That game was great and it had a little of everything but the only thing everyone can talk about is the decision to throw the ball on 2nd and goal on the 1.  It is so easy to pile on because of the result and frankly Pete Carroll is easy to hate but was the call really so bad?  It seems that everyone is an offensive coordinator these days and most of them probably didn’t watch more than 3 football games all year like all the women in my office that want to tell me what the Seahawks should have done.  The facts are simple.

  1. The Seahawks needed a touchdown and not a field goal.
  2. The Seahawks only had 1 timeout and enough time to run the ball twice.
  3. To get three chances at scoring you would have to throw the ball on either 2nd or 3rd down.

I like the decision to throw on that down I just don’t like the play.  Why throw the ball into the middle of the field over the D line where there are a lot of hands and anything could happen?  Why not throw the ball to the corner of the end zone and let the new found weapon, Chris Matthews, attempt to go up and get it?  Let the worse case scenario be an incomplete pass and the clock stops.  Then you have 3rd down, a time out left to be able to call whatever you want for the next 2 downs.

Why do I enjoy Katy Perry so much?  I’m sure I can think of two BIG reasons why but other than that I kinda dig that she doesn’t take herself so serious.  She knows what we want and does not try to prove to us how much of an “artist” she is.  I know there are better musicians and groups out there but isn’t the point to be entertained and come on, who isn’t entertained by this?


The other thing that all the “new OC’s” like to watch is the commercials.  Well guess what they suck.  They always suck.  You only laugh because you are in a room with a bunch of people that want to laugh as much as you do.  Just stop telling me how great they were.  Hell now they are trying to make us cry.  You want to help stop domestic violence NFL?  Stop force feeding guys beer as I walk into games!  Oh, that would cost you money wouldn’t it.

Speaking of Super Bowl beer commercials, Bud Light got everyone talking about their real life PacMan game they ran some guy through.  Pretty cool and all but haven’t we already seen this done before?



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