Coach Cal and the BBN damn near break Twitter last night!

Posted: February 10, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

I love Twitter, I love that I can follow who I want and do not have to accept a “Friend” request from someone I have not seen for 25 years and don’t care what their kids had for lunch yesterday.  I love that I can get breaking news at my fingertips and I love how during events you can get instant feedback.  No fan base is more active on Twitter than the Big Blue Nation and last night, not a game night, was one of those Twitter nights you didn’t want to miss.

Monday nights are The Bachelor night at the BDS compound as I and the four BDS ladies turn on ABC and watch the best show on television.  I always make sure that I grab my phone so I can follow along with all the snarky comments on twitter and last night was a great Twitter night for girl on girl crime.  If you don’t watch I will not bother with the details but long story short, The Bachelor (D-bag) drug the two craziest girls out to the Badlands of South Dakota on a 2 on 1 date.  It lead to tweets from me like…

thunderIf you are not a kid of the 80’s as I am you might not get that reference still fun.  Many of the BBN are big Bachelor fans and take to twitter also.  The best to follow is contributor @aflenerksr.  Funny and does a great wrap up on Tuesdays.  Anyway, last night Twitter was good with the Bachelor rolling but the King of Twitter threw this out to the BBN and his 1.3 million followers.

calKnowing everyone has been anxiously awaiting the return of last years Indiana Mr. Basketball and knowing his how twitter thirsty the BBN is he had to know the responses he would get and BBN took the bait and didn’t disappoint.  Here are some of the responses posted by @mrstylerksr here are KSR.  Of course I also could not help myself.

haJust when I thought twitter could not explode any more Cal had to poke the bear one last time with this.

tryLet’s just say the rest of the night was Twitter gold and the BBN didn’t disappoint.  Here are a couple of my favorites.


twittFor more make sure you check out @BrennanKSR here on KSR.

You have to admit that Cal is king of deflecting negative energy from his teams.  At a time when 40-0 talk is ramping up and everyone’s buttholes are getting a tad tighter, the BBN is spreading rumors that Trey Lyles has the clap or what every other ailment they can dream up Cal does this.

Cal gets it and that is why he is on top of college basketball.


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