No matter if you root for or against them, this UK team makes basketball fun!

Posted: February 11, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

untitledGrowing up a Cats fan in Indiana it is common for me to get calls and now texts and twitter messages after Kentucky basketball games win or lose.  If the Cats win I am getting a call from Mom and Dad or other UK fans I have ran across and if they lose then of course I am getting messages from all my Hoosier loving friends.  Well after last nights game something happen that usually only happens after a Final Four game.  I got messages from both sides and both side just had one thing to say.  WHAT A GAME!

This season has been one for the ages no matter what the results ends up being.  This years Cats are like no other Kentucky team I have seen in my life time.  They don’t have the superstars that teams from the past have had.  In ’84 you had Walker, Bowie and Turpin.  The ’96 team was loaded with NBA guys and had future All-Star Antione Walker.  No Wall, Cousins or Davis.  This team is different.  The San Antonio Spurs of college basketball if you will.  More worried about the team than individual performance.  Obviously everyone on this team deserves to play more than 24 minutes a game but you have not seen one instance of anyone being unhappy as every “expert/Cal hater” predicted before the season.  This team does not care who scores or who does the post game interview, they just play.  They remind me of a well coach NBA team in the respect they find out what is working that night and feed it until you stop it.  They don’t get rattled, bored at times maybe but never rattled.  Last night they looked like an NBA team playing the 2nd of a back to back and going through the motions in the first few minutes.  Cal subs five new guys and instant energy into the game like Pop subbing in Manu Ginobili and Marco Belinelli and best of all no one pouts.  They have a common goal and that is all that matters.  Hang banner #9.  For years I have heard from everyone that UK’s players don’t care as much as thier players, that all they care about is the NBA.  Well guess what, not only is that not true but every recruit nation wide knows that Cal has made Kentucky this special place where everyone cares and will help you achieve your dreams.  NBA? They will help get you there.  You want to come back to school after your leave? They will make it possible for you to get it done.  Need a place to work out in the summer with other NBA players?  Look no further.  And guess what, Cal has done this with NO off court issues.  No drugs, No DUI’s, No domestic abuse.  Nothing.  Anyway, I’m getting preachy and don’t mean to do so.

This team and special and so fun to watch.  Last night when it looked like the end of the undefeated run was going to come to an end I was not nervous.  Not because I didn’t care or don’t think an undefeated team would be something special, I am just enjoying this season.  I don’t expect them to win them all but I think this team expects them to win them all.

Now I have not allowed myself to really think about this team going undefeated to this point but I think it is time to start realizing that it is a real possibility.  Let’s take a look at what they have left and those teams KenPom ratings.

vs South Carolina    59

@ Tennessee          99

vs Auburn                141

@ Mississippi St.     165

vs Arkansas             29

@ Georgia               33

vs Florida                 34

The next four games should not be much of a problem since the hardest is at home but those last 3 will be interesting.  Arkansas showed last year they can win in Rupp and Georgia will be ready for the Cats in Athens.  The only thing I think you can put in stone is the Cats will not lose on Senior Day to Florida.

So there you go, I am ready for the undefeated watch to start.  I thought LSU would give them a run for their money and I was obviously right.  Now that they are past that game let the media machine fire up.  They might not do it but that does not matter.  Just enjoy the ride and the games.  UK fans can embrace a type team you may never see again and everyone else can become Arkansas and Georgia fans for a day.  Enjoy because this is fun no matter who you root for.

  1. Brian says:

    They still have senior day at Kentucky??? Why? For the team managers, or bench fillers?

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