Trigger, Shakey Graves, and More

Posted: February 18, 2015 by nickd0913 in Uncategorized

I know you were probably hoping to see another post from Jason where he fantasizes about John Calipari tea-bagging him but you will have to wait on that for about 15 minutes.  Until then why don’t we look at a few things in the world of music that I am enjoying right now.


I love Willie Nelson.  His album, “Red Headed Stranger”, is the greatest country album of all time.  That is a fact.  Another fact is that Willie has been playing the same guitar for about a hundred years.  The guitar is named Trigger.  If you have ever wanted to know about his guitar, and who hasn’t, you are in luck.  Rolling Stone made a 12 minute documentary about the guitar.  The film is narrated by Woody Harrelson and it is fantastic.  If you have an extra 12 minutes I highly recommend watching it.

JD McPherson

I have had my eye on this guy for a couple of years.  I really like his first album, “Signs & Signifiers”, so when I heard he was coming out with another album I was pretty excited.  I have heard a few songs from the new album and so far they hold up to the first record.  If you like music with a 50’s Rockabilly or Buddy Holly type feel then this guy is for you.  Check out the title track from his new album, “Let the Good Times Roll”.

The Decemberists

The Decemberists are one of my current favorite bands.  I wore their last album out a few years ago.  They just came out with a new album and if the first song, “Make You Better” is any indication of how the rest of the album will sound then I am 100% on board.  The video for the song is great and features the comic genius of Nick Offerman of “Parks and Recreation” fame.  Check it out.

Shakey Graves

I don’t know shit about this guy.  I am guessing Shakey Graves is not his real name but if it is that would be pretty cool.  I know I own his album, “And The War Came”, and it is pretty good.  I also know that the song “Dearly Departed” will end up being one of my favorite songs of 2015 and when he sings with this girl name Esme Patterson it sounds pretty incredible.  I should probably know more about this guy but you should just be thankful I am sharing this video with you and not worry about my lack of knowledge on this guy.

Dwight Yoakam

If I had to rank my favorite country artists Dwight Yoakam would be in the top 5 of all time.  I love everything about him.  I have seen him live 3 times and each time was great.  I own 18 of his albums and every single one is good.  Well he has another album coming out and I will own that one too.  The first single “Second Hand Heart” is out and it is fantastic.  It has big jangly guitars and seems built to be played loud while driving in your car.  Whether you are in your car or not give this song a listen and turn it up loud.


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