ESPN committed their biggest crime against sports last night

Posted: February 19, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

I think we are all in agreement that what ESPN has done to bastardize our favorite sports over the years is criminal.  Just the simple pushing of the WNBA down our throats has to be illegal in multiple states, right?  Unfortunately the local DA does not see it the same way.

Well, what happens if ESPN kills someone?  Someone that we all know and many of us love like an old teddy bear that is past his time but we would defend to the death if someone tries to throw out.  How about if ESPN were to be responsible for the sad death of this guy?

imagesI know many of us including myself have cursed Dickie V as he was doing a game of our favorite team.  I know he can be over the top and is no longer the best color guy out there. (many will say he never was) But Vitale IS college basketball.  When he does a game you know it is a big game.  The man is a saint that has never turned down a picture or autograph request.  He has raised more money for cancer research, specifically child cancer, than any organization could ever dream of doing.  Most importantly he is ours.  Only we can kick our dog.  Last night ESPN kicked Vitale to the curb when they didn’t allow him to call the Duke vs UNC game.  This is probably the first time many of you have watched this classic rivalry without hearing the one eyed bald guy yell throughout the game and the saddest part about it is our lovable Dickie V is heart broken.  Here are two tweets that Vitale sent out last night.



Yesterday national radio host, Steve Czaban, alluded to the fact that ESPN might be trying to kill Vitale (he was joking people) but what if he wasn’t?  And what if he is right?  Either way ESPN’s actions are breaking the heart of Dickie V and at the end of the day isn’t a broken heart what killed JoePa?

I just hope ESPN comes to their senses and ends the biggest crime against sports they have committed in a long time.  #FREE DICK


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