Tom Crean rumors and a list of coaches IU fans should get to know, just in case

Posted: March 4, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

NOTE:  As you can see this is a post from last year’s IU/Crean talk.  Feel free to click on the BackdoorSlider logo above to go to the main page for the most recent speculation or clink this most recent post on potential coaching names.

If you are a college basketball junkie like me then you are spending your time reviewing brackets and preparing the wife and kids for your absence from the family when the tournament tips off.  There is so much going on.  Conference tournaments have started, Kentucky is chasing history, teams are fighting to make the Big Dance and today the rumor machine kicked into high gear as word around Bloomington spread that Tom Crean’s days are numbered.

Today I have been told from people who claim to be in the know the following.

1.  Tom Crean will be back for next year no matter what happens the rest of the year short of him getting caught snorting coke off a strippers ass.

2.  AD Fred Glass is being told to fire Crean and pay the buyout.

3.  Crean has lost the team and want out himself.  

All three seem plausible and possible at this point.  I have always thought that Clappy is a good coach but not a great coach and would never be able to consistently take IU to the level the fan base demands.

Now I love me a coaching search and if the Indiana job opens up this coaching search my be one for the ages.  They have to get this one right.  Indiana can not afford to bring in a coach that does not win consistently and be able to keep some of the top talent in state.  I think the fans feel the importance and know that they need a home run hire.  You have this picture floating around social media already for the love of God.


I put together a list of names that should be included or have been rumored to be in the discussion if there indeed is a change at the top.


Brad Stevens – this should be the first call but I don’t see him leaving Boston.  Can you name me one college coach that made the jump to the Pros that came back to college without being fired from their pro job?  I couldn’t and I don’t think Stevens would make the move no matter how much his wife loves Indy and how much he loves Indiana.  Timing is everything.

Sean Miller – to me Sean is the best college coach around that could see possibly making a move.  I just don’t know if Indiana is the school that could get him back east of the Mississippi.  Miller has a really nice gig in Arizona and is able to dominate the west coast recruiting scene.

Tony Bennett – he might have left his heart in San Francisco but this guy can flat out coach.  Now he has already turned the Indiana job down once but the program is in better shape than when he was offered last.

Billy Donavon – now this name didn’t occur or me but I was told it was a name being floated around Peegs.  The man can coach but this is a guy that has turned down Kentucky twice and the NBA at least once.


Gregg Marshall – if the Shocker coach wants to make a big time move then this is the time and Indiana would be a good fit.

Archie Miller – not often do you have brothers on the same list but the Millers are high on everyone’s list.  Archie knows the midwest and might not be as sexy as Sean but is a very solid coach.


Shaka Smart – he always is on everyone’s short list but I am leery to the fact he has never won a conference regular season title.

Bruce Pearl – I get told I’m crazy every time I bring him up but this guy would win at Indiana and the fans would love his heard nose play and the way he paints his chest.


Scott Drew – he has Indiana ties (Butler alum) and is a big time recruiter.  I want to see this hire just so I can see Nick Dalton’s head explode.

Ron Hunter – here is another guy with Indy connections.  The former IUPUI coach has done quite nicely at Georgia St. and would bring energy to the Hoosiers, along with his bare feet.

Unknown-74Tommy Amaker – the Duke assistants have never set the world on fire but if he can make the profs at Harvard happy the academia at IU should like him.

Chris Collins – the other ex-dukie to make the list but you would think he would have to do a bit more at Northwestern to get the Indiana job.

So there you have it.  If Crean is indeed asked to go bye bye I for one will be sad, what can I say, I’m a Kentucky fan and love kicking around this guy.



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