Is the Vote of Confidence really a Kiss of Death?

Posted: March 5, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

I have never really understood the vote of confidence. Why is it needed?  I mean if the said coach is really your man and he is not on his way out why say anything at all?  If you feel like you have to say something why not come out and tell the fan base to shut up and piss off. This is the coach so either back the team or shove off. To me the vote of confidence is nothing more than a statement to buy some time to come up for air in the midst of the fan and media onslaught.  As stated in the previous post Tubby Smith got a similar endorsement from the Kentucky AD just 10 short days prior to his announcement that he was heading to Minnesota.  Many are saying Crean is orchestrating the same type of move as we speak. If in fact this is true I think it is the best possible scenario for the Hoosiers. Both parties get to move forward, both end up happy and it leaves the door open for a healthy relationship between Crean and the Hoosier Nation. Unless of course he pulls a Pitino and ends up coaching the Boilermakers. 


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