Three people I wish could have been with us for this years Kentucky season

Posted: March 5, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

There are many things to love about the history and tradition of Kentucky basketball but one that has lost a bit of its luster in this era of college basketball is Senior Day.  I don’t get caught up to much with the ceremonies and the guys walking through he big paper hoops but I am a sucker for My Old Kentucky Home.  One of the greatest songs in all of sports.  It is played twice every spring (UK Senior Day and The Kentucky Derby) and every time it makes me sway back and forth and sing along.

Saturday is Senior Day as the Cats go for history and a 31-0 regular season record and I the only thing that could make it better is if Happy Chandler was still here to sing for us.

Now that I think of it there are two other people I wish that was still with us to enjoy this season.  On a personal note I wish my grandfather, my mom’s dad, was able to put that earpiece in to listen to this seasons games.  The other is Unknown-75someone we all miss, Bill Keightley.  Man, Mr. Wildcat sure would have loved Cal and just think how much fun would have he had with this team.  I keep telling myself to enjoy this ride because we will never see a team quite like this one again.  Win or lose this has been a season for the ages and one we will be telling our grandkids about.


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