Five Things I Know

Posted: March 6, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

The warm up has finally arrived outside and college basketball is really heating up too.  Let’s take a look at what I do know.

  • The thirst is still strong for Indiana basketball – Let’s just say this little free site has had a couple of big days this week.  The passion that IU fans have shown for any news or insight on the Hoosier program has been huge.  Many have questioned in the past, including myself,  if college basketball fans in the state of Indiana have lost interest and I have to say that they haven’t.  The Hoosier Nation wants to win and wants to win now.
  • It is entertaining to see the reaction of IU fans when they realize I am a Kentucky fan.  Yes, I bleed blue but growing up in Indianapolis since the age of 6 I have learned to live with the enemy and have made some great friends over the years that just happen to be Indiana fans.  I got a real kick out of seeing the comments last night on IU message boards when someone would state my allegiance to the BBN.  Oh, and to the guy that said we desperately need an editor, you couldn’t be more right!  To me sports are better when the traditional powers are on top.  Baseball is better when the Yankees are good.  Just look at the interest Kentucky has attracted from the causal fans this year while they chase history.  The TV ratings are through the roof.  Everyone is watching and rooting for or against them but either way they are watching and care about the outcome.  That is great for the sport and if Indiana ever gets their shit together it would just make it that much better.
  • Tom Crean is not happy.  From everything NickD and I are being told and can gather CTC is just as frustrated with the situation at hand as the fans and University is.  Obviously nothing is a done deal until the presser is held but all signs points to an exit for Crean that is similar to the way Tubby Smith exited Kentucky.  Find a new job, leave on mutual terms, go and enjoy life in a much smaller fish bowl.  I have always said Crean is a good coach that is in over his head at Indiana.  I mean come on, just look at him.  Is that a face of an elite coach of a blue blood program?


  •  Tom Crean is tired of cold winters.  All of the schools rumored to be Crean landing spots look to be south of the Mason Dixon line.  Tennessee, Georgia Tech, George Mason are being mentioned with Alabama getting the most run.  The only place rumored that doesn’t put the Crean family in the sun belt is Seton Hall. I for one am rooting for Tennessee, I would love to continue to root against him and being able to do it twice a year would make my day.
  • Tomorrow is going to be fun!  Indiana hosts Michigan St. at noon and Kentucky looks to run the regular season table at 4pm.  Make sure to get that honey-do list completed early so you can enjoy it all.  If you are not on Twitter you should be and make sure to follow @BDSlider and @NicktotheD for up to date news and notes.
  1. RiverPilot says:

    Sorry about the editor comment. 😉
    Hopefully you’re right about all of this. It’s clear both parties (IU and Crean) are in need of a change.


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