The Good, Bad and Ugly weekend edition

Posted: March 8, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Let’s start out in the center of the college basketball world, Lexington.  By now everyone knows the Cats are 31-0 and poised to make honest buyers out of everyone with a 40-0 t-shirt from last year but to me the best thing from Kentucky this weekend was the starting lineup on Senior Day.


When Cal was asked after the game why he started the three walk ons his response was classic Cal.  He reminded everyone Kentucky is a Players First program and that is not just for the good players but all the players.



If you have read the article then you know why I think this pubehead is a dick.  If you haven’t then you are on your own since I will not help him and his dying newspaper get hits.

Yes, I said pubehead.



As soon as this happened one of my friends, non-UK fan and fellow podcaster, texted me this.  “Yogi wants Crean fired too.”  OK, maybe not but damn, what a kick to the gut for a basketball program that is on the ropes.

Things have goon very quite around the IU program.  I still think Crean is on his way out and I still think the next coach will be someone other than Brad Stevens.  I do think nothing happens until after the season which is probably best for everyone involved.

If indeed all the chatter comes true the next hire IU makes has to be a home run and I am going on the record saying that Shaka Smart is not a home run hire.  If I was an IU fan I would much rather see Gregg Marshall come to town barring someone not named Stevens, Donovan or Sean Miller rolls into B-Town.


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