Colts: Veteran Moves

Posted: March 10, 2015 by DannyP. in Uncategorized

It seems as though I’m hearing the word ‘geriatric’ with the Colts new pick-ups, today.  For those of you living under a shell, the Colts signed Frank Gore, Trent Cole, and may have signed Andre Johnson before I finish writing this article.  I don’t see ‘geriatric’…..I see veteran’s that could move this team to the final level.

frank gore

Let’s start with RB Frank Gore.  At 31 he isn’t ancient and not done being productive in the NFL.  This guy gets 1,000 yards year in and year out.  He’s also a great pass blocker.  Hmmmm…..the Colts like to pass.  I mean if you want to re-sign Richardson, then do it on your fantasy team.  I don’t want him, the Colts don’t want him, and I’m gonna guess at least 28 teams don’t want him.  Bradshaw was great, but then again so was Bob Sanders.  You can only make a difference if you are actually playing, and Gore is a gamer.

trent cole

LB Trent Cole is the unheard of guy in our acquisitions.  He is a good pass rusher.  I believe along with Robert Mathis back next year, Cole could provide some much needed pressure on opposing QB’s.  Once again, he is somebody that could add a veteran presence in tough situations.  He’s not exactly Suh, but who is?

Andre Johnson

WR Andre Johnson…..I think you’re crazy to not want this guy on your team.  He is the prototypical big and physical wide receiver that Andrew Luck has not had the pleasure of throwing to since he’s been here.  A guy that will body up to get any ball thrown his way.  Along with Gore, he gives you red zone options.  All of his amazing numbers have come with par to sub-par QB’s.  I’m excited to see what he can do with Luck chucking the ball his way.

I know many of us will miss Reggie Wayne.  Let’s face it, though, Reggie hasn’t had double-digit TD receptions since 2009.  I know none of us will miss Trent Richardson.  Gore and Johnson may be short term solutions, but they are solutions.  Now, if we could just draft an entire starting O-line.


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