A couple quick thoughts on the IU coaching rumor mill

Posted: March 17, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Well just when you thought the Tom Crean rumors had died down until after IU is done playing for the season the rumor mill got cranked up again.  Here is a recap of what I am seeing and hearing during the past 24 hours.

Tom Crean says his “good-byes”.

Last night Tom Crean had the following to say during his final call in show of the year.

“The support all of you have shown over the years and especially the last week — I can’t tell you what that meant to me to walk in here and see so many people being that way. That gave me a huge jolt for the rest of the week. And again, it’s little things like that that make you really appreciate what people are all about. And the way this place was and the way you have been all year long and the support that you show — it’s beautiful outside today but we’ve also come in here when it was zero degrees out. And the loyalty that all of you have to Indiana basketball and what you’ve shown to the Creans and what you’ve shown to us, that never ever goes unappreciated. I promise you.”

He then took a second to say the following to Host and Voice of the Hoosiers, Don Fischer.

“There is a lot of great honors you can get in any walk of life, especially in coaching basketball, but being able to partner up with you for the last seven years and being able to be in here with you this year and being here at this podium with you, I’ll put that right at the top, and I’m dead serious. So thank you, for everything.”

Now I didn’t hear this for myself and reading it and hearing it might be two different things but when have you ever heard CTC be sentimental?

Tom Crean is able to and talk to other schools.

I was told be someone I trust that may or may not be given good info that Tom Crean has been given permission by Indiana to speak to other schools.  I have also seen rumors stating that Crean’s agent is in talks currently with Indiana.  Purdue fans I’m sure are hoping they are discussing another extension but I have a feeling it might be about something else.

Then there is this…

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 6.07.44 PM

The rumor that just will not die.  Many of you might not follow Matt Jones of KentuckySportsRadio so let me fill you in on something.  He hears a lot that he does not talk about and more times than not when he says something like this there is usually more flame than smoke to the story.

So let’s recap.  

  • Crean does have a heart.
  • Crean want’s out and is talking to other schools.
  • Indiana could get the home run hire they need even if his name is not Brad.

Either way we should all know the truth real soon.  If Crean does indeed stay you would think they would make it be known as he hits the recruiting trail.


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