Hey Bo Ryan and Bob Knight, do you hate Jordan Spieth too???

Posted: April 10, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

untitledAs I type this Jordan Spieth is bending the golfing world over his knee for an ass whooping we have not seen since Tiger was getting carry out from Perkins.  Jordan Spieth is the new face of golf as one the Master’s favorites coming in is putting on a show for the ages to this point in Augusta.  I guess my question is where is all the out rage from the bitter ‘We do it the right way” crew that condemns every college basketball players that leaves early to enter the pros?  Why you ask.  Because Jordan Spieth is one of those dreaded One and Dones.  bom bom bom bom.

Jordan spent one year at the University of Texas before turning pro.  So where is the outrage?  Why isn’t there any?  Is it because we don’t care about college golf? Is it because he is white and think he is “smart enough” to not waste his earnings on hoes and Hennessy?  Is it because you are finally coming around to the idea of a kid and his family making a decision that effects only themselves is none of your stinking business?

Whatever the reason I am glad to see that we can finally agree that One and Done players are not the devil.  BTW, I was happy for these guys yesterday.


Seven kids that are deciding to chase a dream that their bodies will only allow them to chase for a short period of time and oh wait, they will all be paid six-figures even if they don’t get a first round contract.  Killing basketball just like Jordan Spieth is killing golf, just horrible.


  1. epschoet says:

    The difference is that Spieth is good. A couple of the Kentucky players might not get drafted. We just hate the rule..not the players.


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