Ladies and Gentleman, Kentucky Football. #WTH

Posted: April 16, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Being a Kentucky basketball fan is fun.  It is interesting and for the most part the Cats have been a relevant part of the college basketball landscape for most my life.  Kentucky football????  Well, not so much.

I’m sure everyone has seen the video of UK quarterback, Drew Barker, getting knocked the F out by former wildcat and about to be former EKU football player, Colton Scurry.  If not here you go.

OK, I have a three issues here as a Kentucky football fan.

#1 – Drew Barker’s decision making.

Let me fill everyone in who doesn’t follow UK football, OK almost everyone then, Barker is an in state kid many have thought to be the next Tim Couch that picked UK over South Carolina and the OBC, bad decision #1.  Then once he got to campus he was in trouble for playing commandos on campus one night with airsoft guns, bad decision #2.  Why are you at EKU to begin with? Bad decision #3.  Can’t you pull enough wool in Lexington to not have to go on a road trip?  Then this, bad decision #4…


When a large man enters a room and immediately starts removing clothing and dropping it without a care you should probably not turn your back to him.

#2 So does no one like this kid?


Are you kidding me?  No one reacted and went after Scurry?  He threw the sucker punch and started back peddling knowing he was about to get his but nothing.  Sweet Jesus, even little 5’5” LPE jumped on a football players back that tried to bust up one of the famous Ball St. toga parties.  I’m not saying that you need to start an all out riot, but nothing?

#3 I hope to God Drew Barker never has to take a snap under center for the cats.

Why you ask?  Because it is obvious that we know the answer to question #2.


His teammates care more about a hat than their QB.  That is supposed to be your quarterback, your leader and they literally push him out of the way to pick up a hat???  WTH?

This is year three for Coach Stoops and the cats and it is supposed to be the year they get back to a bowl game but I just don’t know.  I guess if there is anything positive to take from this is knowing that Barker can get up ON HIS OWN after a huge hit.


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