Hey MLB! Remember Brittanie Cecil?

Posted: April 20, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

There are a lot of things I would love to change about Major League Baseball like getting rid of instant replay and having every team play by the same rules. (DH or no DH, make up your mind) But all of these are just personal preferences that at the end of the day doesn’t really matter.  You know what really matters?  Protecting the paying customers.

This happened tonight in Pittsburgh.

How in the hell isn’t there not netting behind home plate?  In reality why the hell isn’t there netting completely down the lines also in MLB parks?  What are you waiting for MLB?  For someone to seriously get hurt or worse, die?  What’s that?  That would never happen?  Let’s ask Brittanie Cecil.


In today’s ball parks they try every way to create an environment that is constantly entertaining.  The distractions are everywhere.  Even if you are paying attention of every pitch (good luck with that) then is your 8 year old?  They are worried more about the ice cream that just dripped down their shirt than the foul ball that is racing at them at speeds over 100 mph.

This is a simple fix to protect the paying customer that keeps this game afloat.  Why doesn’t MLB get it and if they do then why don’t they fix it?


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