Gimme Five

Posted: April 25, 2015 by nickd0913 in Uncategorized

I realize in this day and age that people buy fewer albums than ever.  These are the days of using Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, as well as just buying singles straight from iTunes, Google, or Amazon.  I do not like it but I guess I need to accept it.  So since none of you buy albums anymore I thought I would introduce you to 5 different songs I am listening to right now.  You can stream these songs, download them straight to your phone, or just watch them below.  I do not really care how you consume the songs but I do think you need to give them all a listen and add them to your listening rotation immediately.   The first person to comment on one of these songs will receive a 2015 University of Kentucky 40-0 shirt from Jason.  But you need to hurry before it gets shipped to some poor kid in Kenya.

The Temperance Movement – Only Friend

Loyal BDS reader Josh Garland turned me onto this band after he saw them live.  These guys sound like a throwback to a 60’s British Invasion type band.  This song has huge guitar riffs and the singer sounds like Steve Marriott from the Small Faces/Humble Pie.  As Josh said, he has some “pipes”.  Check this nasty jam out.

My Morning Jacket – Big Decisions

I have tried to like this band for a long time.  I never seem to get into them as much as most people do.  I own a couple of their records and they are just OK to me.  Each time they put out an album I hope it is the one that makes me turn the corner with them.  Well they have another album coming out and the only song I have heard so far, “Big Decisions”, is great.  It will take more than just this song to get me to pull the trigger on the record but this song is a real good start.

Rhiannon Giddens – Don’t Let it Trouble Your Mind

I just saw Rhiannon Giddens live and she was sensational to say the least.  I already liked her when she was with the Carolina Chocolate Drops but her new album is even better than anything I have heard from CCD.  This is my favorite song from her new album and it was my favorite song she did live.  Check out her version of the Dolly Parton song, “Don’t Let it Trouble Your Mind”.

Leon Bridges – Coming Home

This guy does not even have an album out yet and I love him.  This has been one of my favorite songs for a couple months.  I am not sure how the rest of the album will sound when it comes out this summer but if it has this same vintage vibe it will be a real treat.  If you like classic soul music you need to check him out.  Write it down, this guy is about to blow the f&*k up.

Rival Sons – Electric Man

I heard this song on the Sirius/XM station, Little Steven’s Underground Garage and it is nasty.  Big drums, great singer, huge guitar riffs, and that dude playing guitar is the coolest guy in any room he walks into.  I do not know anything about this band other than this song is incredible and makes me want to see them live as ASAP.  Songs like this are why everyone should have Satellite Radio.  Turn this song up as loud as you possibly can.


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