What should the NFL do now? Not what you are thinking.

Posted: May 6, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Living in the Land of Patriot Hate all I hear is Tom Brady should be drawn and quartered and Bill Belichick should kicked out of the league ala Pete Rose.  All I have to say to that is let’s all put down our pitch forks and take a deep breath.  Let me give you a couple examples why there should be a punishment but it should not be anything close to what is being discussed.

What would happen in one of the other major sports?

I can think of two instances, one in hockey and the other in baseball, where a player has used equipment that he has or had someone else alter illegally to gain an advantage.

Unknown-92Marty McSorley used a stick in the 1993 Stanley Cup finals.  The Gretzky lead LA Kings were just two minutes away from taking a 2-0 lead when the Montreal coach asked the boys in stripes to check McSorley’s stick.  They did and the stick was removed and McSorley was sent to the penalty box for 2 minutes.  The Canadians got one final power play and scored to tie and send the game to OT where they went onto win.  The Canadians took the series 4-1 to win the Cup.

The other instance in sports that I can relate to this is a baseball pitcher doctoring balls or a hitter using a corked bat.  In most of these cases the hitters were given a 7 or 8 game suspensions while the pitchers were given around 10 game suspensions to assure they missed at least one start.  

So what would be the NFL equivalent?  Probably a one week suspension for Brady and lets move on.

What gets me all fired up is why does the NFL have to make everything a huge dog and pony show.  In the examples above when the umpires or referees became aware of the illegal equipment they stopped the game, removed the equipment and penalized the player and or team.  Then if there was a suspension it was handed out in a timely manner.  Roger Goodell and the NFL knew before this years AFL Championship game the Patriots were rumored to be using illegal balls.  The NFL changed the rules for balls and implemented the K ball because they knew that teams and kickers were doctoring balls.  So why hand the balls over to the team before the game and not check them until halftime?  Why not have an official that checks the balls on the field when the team is on defense?  Or have a league employee be in charge of throwing in the game balls and not a team employee?  This is not rocket science people.  It would be the equivalent of the umpires handing the baseballs to the pitching staff before the game and then not checking the balls till the 7th inning stretch.  That would be insane!  When the Colts told the officials about the ball the game should have been stopped, ball checked and penalty assessed.  That simple.  If the NHL can stop a Stanley Cup game 2 to check a stick then why can’t the NFL check the balls.

But we all know the attention whore we all know and some love called the NFL wants nothing more than to consume us with a 250 page, 4 month long investigation and discussion.  Sweet Jesus!

  1. Lee Dalton says:

    Really? One week suspension, Klee? Fuck off!


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