The NFL can learn a lot from the MLB

Posted: May 21, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

During this entire deflate gate fiasco I have been yelling as loud as I can that the NFL didn’t and doesn’t care if the balls were under deflated.  If they did they would have done something about it before or during the game.

Tonight MLB showed why baseball is worlds ahead of the NFL in terms of maintaining the legitimacy of their game.

The Atlanta Braves noticed something on the arm of Brewers pitcher, Will Smith.  They alerted the umpires, the umpires then stopped the game to check it out and found this.


The Smith was ejected and the game moved on.  What no four-month investigation?  No 250 page report?  No lawyers?  No cell phone to turn over?  They were alerted of the problem and they fixed it right then and there.

This is what the NFL could have done but chose not to.  They were told before the game that the Pats were using under inflated balls but still didn’t follow protocol to keep this from happening.  When the Colts told the officials during the game what did they do?  NOTHING.  Why?  Because they didn’t give two shits.  They should have stopped the game, took the game ball and checked it.  If it was not legal they could have ejected Brady like MLB did tonight or at least given a 15 yard penalty and moved on.  Something tells me the Colts would have loved to throw a 15 yard penalty in one of those first couple drives that gave the Patriots all the momentum but once again the NFL didn’t care.  So when Goodell comes crawling out of his cave to tell us how horrible this is and how they must stand strong against the evil Pats and Tom Brady I call BULLSHIT.


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