This summer one Indy Church hopes to make a real difference

Posted: June 4, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

So many churches and youth groups during the summer months use their time to go on mission trips around the country and world to help the ones that are less fortunate.  The groups might help build houses, deliver clean drinking water or give shoes to those without.

Well one Indianapolis church decided to truly do God’s work this summer and help the one group of people they felt was in need of help the most.


It got me thinking what this group was hopping to achieve in such a short time.  I came up with a short list I feel could really help the Cardinal fan base be better people and citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Curving the bills of those who can not do so themselves.

There is no way so many of them think it is a good look.  If you are over the age of let’s say 25 there should be a curve in the bill of your hat.  So obviously they just need help or don’t know how.

Conduct motorcycle safety classes.






Carpal Tunnel physical therapy.

This is one area I hope they can really make a difference.  So many from this region of the country suffer from this horrible ailment.  Must be something in the water?  Imagine the increased quality of life when you don’t have to walk around making the loser sign.  I bet they can’t even wipe themselves like that.  Sad.


Marriage and family counseling. (those in coaching will be the main focus)

Reaching out to the community and letting them know that abstinence is the best way to assure a clean drug test.

Restaurant etiquette.

This will concentrate on the proper way to conduct ones self when you meet new people at a restaurant and how you should not lie on the floor and hide when your boss is doing things that God and their wife would not approve of.

Other topics I’m sure they could get into are No means No, The proper way to use a hair brush, Yes you can drive 55 and Being suspended means you don’t play, but I don’t think there will be enough time.  The mission trip is only a two-day trip.

I just hope these kids are able to make a difference.  If they can help just one Cardinal fan then the trip will be well worth it.


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