Come with me and give into your guilty pleasures

Posted: June 15, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Everyone has them but some just aren’t as open about them as I am, GUILTY PLEASURES.  Well today I focus on some of mine so maybe you will feel more comfortable admitting yours.  You know you want to!

So, today was a big day at the BDS compound for one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure movies as Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson announced they will be back for Pitch Perfect 3 to be released in 2017.  Here was how Anna broke the news.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 6.41.58 PM

I know that many of you don’t think Pitch Perfect is a guilty please but let me remind you I was born in 1974.

Guilty pleasure #2, I found myself today looking to see if the US Women’s National Soccer Team was playing tonight today at work.  They are not but will be playing tomorrow night at 8pm eastern and with a win will wrap up 1st place in the group which might not be a great thing if they would have to play France in the round of 16.  I know, you can only take so much soccer talk so let me just leave it at that.

Now I know every guy out there loves guilty pleasure #3, you just don’t search them out on YouTube.  Or maybe you do but keep it a dark hidden secret, anyway, I bring you NFL cheerleaders lip syncing.—HTCs/075a1087-e04a-46f2-aee1-9ccaf21cebed

No really just click the link guys.

OK, I leave you with one of my favorite guilty pleasures at the moment. On iHeart radio I have found a new station that has become my to go to station when I’m not real sure what to listen to.


Just search Casey Kasem, hit favorite and go back to a time of your youth when you held a tape recorder next to the speaker in the living room and hope to God your brother or sister didn’t run through the room and make a bunch of noise.



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