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Say what you want about Bobby Petrino, say what you want about the gaudy Adidas uniforms, say what you want about the police blotter 2nd chance players.  Louisville football is not afraid to play big boy football.

Louisville announced today that they will play Alabama to open up the 2018 season.  Yes, that Alabama.  Louisville made the jump to the ACC last year and held their own.  Every year in conference they could be playing the likes of Florida St., Clemson, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame.  On top of that they play in state rival Kentucky who, under Stoops, is a SEC team on the rise.  Is that enough for them?  Are they pulling an Ohio St and scheduling 3 other cupcakes?  Nope.  They have been going out and adding two more big game to the schedule.

This year they are opening up against Auburn in the Georgia Dome and Houston.

Sep. 5
Tigers Auburn Tigers 
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
3:30 p.m. ET
Sep. 12
Cougars Houston Cougars
Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY
12:00 p.m. ET

In 2016 they play at always dangerous Marshall and make a trip to Houston.

Sep. 24
Thundering Herd at Marshall Thundering Herd
Joan C. Edwards Stadium, Huntington, WV
Nov. 19
Cougars at Houston Cougars
TDECU Stadium, Houston, TX

2017 the Cards travel to Indy to face Purdue with the rest left to be scheduled.

Sep. 2
Boilermakers Purdue Boilermakers 
Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN

After blasting Louisville a couple years ago for not going out and scheduling a tough non-conference schedule when they were playing in what was left of the Big East.  Louisville has taken the bull by the horns and has good the old Bobby Bowden approach of playing anyone anywhere.


Goodbye to the Best Heel of My Lifetime

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Roderick “Roddy” George Toombs

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper

April 17, 1954 – July 30, 2015

You need one of these right now!

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There are few players that have crossed rival lines and is universally liked by all fan base’s but Jared Lorenzen is one of those few players.  I remember getting calls from all my IU and UofL friends during the UK / Arkansas 7 overtime game and all were rooting hard for Lorenzen to win.  Part of his allure is because Jared was never hard to spot on a football field but what makes people love and root for him still today is the way he embraces the legend of Jered Lorenzen.  Many of these tales have grown larger than his belly but they are all entertaining.  Did he really eat a hotdog during a time out?  Could he really throw the ball over the mountain?  You would have to ask him to find out, @JaredLorenzen22, but I do know he is the best belly flopper around.

I always say if you don’t like yourself then how do you expect anyone else to like you.  Find out who you are and own it.  Well Jared sure owns it, and not only does he own it he wants to share it with us.  I give you

Not only can #BBN find some fun Kentucky gear but Jared has two t-shirts that anyone can appreciate no matter who you root for.

8blue_grande 18_grande

As you see they do come in grey and black if you can’t bring yourself to wear Kentucky blue. So do yourself a favor and take a second to check it out I know I will.

IMG_6749Take a house of three daughters and add the biggest boy band around coming to town.  What do you get?  My life right now.   It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different.  I mean I don’t think everyone gets the shit scared out of them when they walk into a darken room only to have Harry Styles staring at them.  Yes, the 14 year old moves the cardboard Harry around the house and sets him up in the corner or at the end of the hallway.  Imagine getting up at 3:30am to let the pug out and turning on the light seeing this unexpectedly.  Of course I catch myself singing all of the songs and even when I get the word right I still get grief because I keep confusing them with the other boy band to storm the BDS compound, Five Seconds of Summer.  Anyway, if you are not familiar with the smooth sound of One Direction, and if you don’t have girls then why would you, here you go.


Today is officially the start of the College Football season in my mind.  Today the preseason coaches poll was released and we finally have something to debate and argue about and I love it.

Here are a few quick thoughts.

The SEC and PAC12 are deep.  Here is the conference breakdown.

SEC     8

Pac12  6

ACC     3+ND

Big10    3

Big12    3

Other    1

Notre Dame and Kentucky have a tough row to hoe.  Games vs top 25 teams.

Notre Dame – Georgia Tech, Clemson, USC, Stanford

Kentucky – Missouri, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia

Louisville – Auburn, Clemson, Florida St.

Indiana – Ohio St., Mich St.

Purdue – Mich St., Wisconsin

Who do you think used a vote on Kentucky?  My guess would be it came from Oklahoma.


1 Ohio State 14-1 1598 62 NR 0
2 TCU 12-1 1487 1 NR 0
3 Alabama 12-2 1452 1 NR 0
4 Baylor 11-2 1365 0 NR 0
5 Oregon 13-2 1260 0 NR 0
6 Michigan State 11-2 1230 0 NR 0
7 Auburn 8-5 1103 0 NR 0
8 Florida State 13-1 1057 0 NR 0
9 Georgia 10-3 1026 0 NR 0
10 USC 9-4 1014 0 NR 0
11 Notre Dame 8-5 883 0 NR 0
12 Clemson 10-3 838 0 NR 0
13 LSU 8-5 727 0 NR 0
14 UCLA 10-3 697 0 NR 0
15 Ole Miss 9-4 668 0 NR 0
16 Arizona State 10-3 577 0 NR 0
17 Georgia Tech 11-3 573 0 NR 0
18 Wisconsin 11-3 470 0 NR 0
19 Oklahoma 8-5 407 0 NR 0
20 Arkansas 7-6 377 0 NR 0
21 Stanford 8-5 365 0 NR 0
22 Arizona 10-4 299 0 NR 0
23 Missouri 11-3 229 0 NR 0
24 Boise State 12-2 190 0 NR 0
25 Tennessee 7-6 166 0 NR 0

He must have had the chowder

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I have been known to, let’s say, have a good time at the ball park when the guys and I take the road trip down I-74 to a Reds game.  But even I have never done this.  Stay classy Boston!

video courtesy of @GraigMurphy

As much as I can’t stand the ongoing pissing match between the worse commissioner in the history sports and the Pats this caught my eye and made me laugh.  You don’t have to be a Colts fan to appreciate Andrew Luck.