Five reasons we all should be happy this summer.

Posted: July 1, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Summer time is fun time.  It was the best days of your youth waking up and getting shooed out of the house by our mom just trying to figure out what to do.  As adults we long for those one or two weeks we get to spend away from work and spend at the beach or lake.  So I ask you.  Why is everyone so up tight?  You know what I say? Screw em!  Screw the politics, the religion, Greece, Roger Goodell and whoever else wants to rain on our summer.  Let’s have fun and here are five things that put a smile on my face right now.

#5 Free Agency and the Trade Deadline.


This is the one time of year that no matter where your team finished or currently is in the standings we all have something going on.  If you are a fan of the hapless Reds you are looking forward to the upcoming trades in hopes you can get some great young cheep talent to free up payroll.  If you are a Cardinals fan you are rooting for a big name addition to put you over the top.  Even a NBA hater like me can appreciate the wild wheeling and dealing that is going on right now.  For the love of God, Luke Ridnour has been traded four times in the past week.

#4 Summer Movies


If you have daughters like I do then you have seen Teen Beach Movie 2 about 10 times already and guess what, I love it!  This summer has been full of fun movies to pass the summer nights.  We have musicals, classic reboots, super heroes and animated humor.  You know, something for everyone.  If you ask me the best way to enjoy these summer fun movies is watching outside.  Find yourself a local drive-in or public park that is showing a movie and go.  Here is my favorite drive-in just southeast of Indianapolis.  The Skyline Drive-in.

#3 The Anticipation of the Up Coming Seasons


This is the time that all of our teams have hope and we all feel this could be the year.  Notre Dame football fans are looking forward to a football year that could lead to a final four.  Even teams like my UK football Wildcats are opening a revamped stadium and looking forward to getting back to a bowl game.  Summer is not only for football, it is where college basketball legends grow.  Kids get faster, taller and stronger.  Hell, even Kentucky’s mighty midget, Tyler Ulis, was rumored to dunk a basketball and Indiana is rumored to be looking like a real team to be reckoned with.  I love it, the banter between fanbase is starting to ramp up and the football preseason magazines are just a few weeks away.

#2 Summer Brews and Spirits


Summer time is drinking time and there is nothing better than siding up next to a fire and enjoying your favorite summer beers and spirits while your friends bitch and moan about the Hall and Oates you keep playing.  Ok, that last part is just me.  Either way get out and try something new with friends and try not to make to many bad decisions.

#1 Fringe Sports


This summer we have witnessed a Triple Crown winning horse,a great softball and baseball College World Series and now a run to the World Cup finals by our women in red, white and blue.  If you have missed it so far do worry, there is still time.  The US Women’s National Team will play for the World Cup this Sunday and Wimbledon is still going on.  Now don’t tell me you can’t watch women’s sports or soccer sucks.  I get it, it’s out of your comfort zone.  Just allow yourself to watch and enjoy.  The US vs. Germany match was amazing and these girls are something else.  I just have one question though?  How can Alex Morgan run around for 90 minutes and still look like a covergirl?  I guess some things are best left unknown.

So there you are, stop concentrating on the things that bring you down and go out and enjoy this summer while it’s still here.  We can all worry about stuff come winter time.


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