Wonder what these three are up to? Discussing an IU / UK rebirth? Maybe?

Posted: July 10, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.32.43 AM

Look, everyone wants to see the annual Kentucky vs Indiana basketball rebirth except maybe the two guys pictured above.  Why you ask? Simple, here is the reasons these two don’t want to play any longer.

Kentucky – Calipari

When it come to tough non-conference games Cal and UK is all about recruiting.  UK already recruits well in the Indiana high school hotbed and the city of Indy will always open the doors for a big time UK game against the likes of Duke, Michigan St or Ohio St knowing the BBN will make the short trip north to support the cats.  Kentucky only wants two home and homes and with the obligation to play Louisville that only leaves one that has been given to North Carolina in recent years.

Indiana – Crean

I know you are going to call me a homer but I think Crean knows that he will lose more than he wins on a neutral court against Kentucky.  Why let the cats come into the Indy market and win only to expose the differences in the two programs to recruits even more?  IU is smart to stick to their home and home demand and if they do not cave public opinion, which is on their side, might just sway UK to agree to go back to Bloomington where the Hoosiers have a fighting chance.  Win a couple at home against Kentucky and the likes of Lyles and Teague might say in state.

The true question I want to know is what in the hell do you think John Wall is saying to Crean in the picture above?  


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