Start planning your football Saturdays now. We have your guide to the big games here.

Posted: July 21, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

What did I miss other than flooding and ESPY’s?  Nothing, good.

The ladies of BDS and I are back from our five state adventure through SEC land.  The good thing is we all survived and the girls are already looking forward to our next trip.

So just like that summer is coming to an end in my mind.  The daughters all start school next week and football camps start to open up.  Now there are going to be plenty of hot weekends to spend poolside or at the lake but my state of mind has flipped from summer to fall.  The key to fall for all college football fans like my self is navigating the family weekend trips and still make time to watch the big games on Saturdays.  I have one piece of advise, pick your battles.  If the wife wants to spend a weekend at the lake just make sure it isn’t the same weekend you planned on having the guys over for the big game.

Here is a quick early look at the Games of the Week.

Sept 5th Sept 12th
Louisville @ Auburn Oklahoma @ Tennessee
Texas @ Notre Dame Kentucky @ S. Carolina
Wisconsin @ Alabama Oregon @ Mich St.
LSU @ Miss St.
Sept 19th Sept 26th
Vir Tech @ Purdue Miss St. @ Auburn
Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame Tennessee @ Florida
Auburn @ LSU Missouri @ Kentucky
W. Kent @ Indiana
Florida @ Kentucky
Ole Miss @ Alabama
Oct 3rd Oct 10th
Notre Dame @ Clemson TCU @ Kansas St.
Ole Miss @ Florida LSU @ S. Carolina
Alabama @ Georgia Minn @ Purdue
Texas @ TCU Georgia @ Tennessee
Purdue @ Mich St. Oklahoma @ Texas
Indiana @ Penn St.
Oct 17th Oct 24th
Louisville @ Florida St. Tennessee @ Alabama
Oklahoma @ Kansas St. Boston College @ Louisville
Florida @ LSU Indiana @ Mich St.
Mich St. @ Michigan Kentucky @ Miss St.
Alabama @ Texas A&M Kansas St. @ Texas
Purdue @ Wisconsin
USC @ Notre Dame
Penn St. @ Ohio St.
Oct 31st Nov 7th
Ole Miss @ Auburn LSU @ Alabama
Tennessee @ Kentucky Florida St. @ Clemson
Nebraska @ Purdue Kentucky @ Georgia
Georgia @ Florida Iowa @ Indiana
Syracuse @ Louisville
S. Carolina @ Tennessee
Auburn @ Texas A&M
Notre Dame @ Pitt
Nov 14th Nov 21st
Georgia @ Auburn TCU @ Oklahoma
Michigan @ Indiana Purdue @ Iowa
Virginia @ Louisville Indiana @ Maryland
Alabama @ Miss St. LSU @ Ole Miss
Purdue @ Northwestern Mich St. @ Ohio St.
Florida @ S. Carolina USC @ Oregon
Oregon @ Stanford Michigan @ Penn St.
Kentucky @ Vandy Louisville @ Pitt
Oklahoma @ Baylor Notre Dame @ Boston College
Wake Forest @ Notre Dame
Nov 28th
Ohio St. @ Michigan
Penn St. @ Mich St.
Ole Miss @ Miss St.
Indiana @ Purdue
Clemson @ S. Carolina
Notre Dame @ Stanford
Florida St. @ Florida
Texas A&M @ LSU
Alabama @ Auburn
Louisville @ Kentucky

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