Hey Reds, can we just get this over with so we can move on with our lives???

Posted: July 22, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

untitledLast night I had a dream that the Reds traded Homer Bailey and this has to stop.  This team and organization is to much of a drain during my waking hours that I don’t need them taking up space in my dreams that should be reserved for Derek Jeter’s girlfriends.

I have one question for the Reds.  What are you waiting for?  Every start Leake and Cueto make their value goes down.  Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips are playing well and actually worth something and you will never get more for Todd Frazier than you will right now.  Let me remind you what I posted a few weeks back.


Aroldis Chapman         1 yr. left on contract salary set to go to arbitration.

Todd Frazier                2 yrs. left on contract next yr. at 7.5 mil and last year arbitration.

Billy Hamilton               4 yrs left and cheep as hell, last 3 years are arbitration yrs.


Chapman is a luxury the Reds can not afford right now plus who needs a closer when you can’t get to him with a lead?

Frazier’s value will never be higher than it is right now.  It is not like he is a young pup at 29 years of age and he is about to get real expensive.

I know that many of you are yelling why trade Billy?  He is cheap!  I ask the simple question that no one can answer.  Will he ever hit his weight?  Maybe he will but I would rather sell high on him and wish him the best.


Johnny Cueto and Mike Leake      Both of these guys are free agents come year-end and I know many are saying keep them till the end of year, tend an offer and then get a draft pick.  I have two issues with this thinking.  1. What if they except the very high offer that will have to be put on the table?  The Reds CAN NOT afford to pay these guys.  2. I would rather get a prospect that has at least some professional track record than drafting an unknown.


Devin Mesoraco             3 yrs left for a total of 25.48 million

Jay Bruce                       1 yr left for 12.5 million

Jay sucks but someone might be willing to take a chance on him thinking a new scene will do him good.

Devin is hurt and his catching days look to be behind him.  You might be able to find an American League team to take him this winter so he can DH.


Joey Votto                       8 yrs with 192 million still owed

Homer Bailey                  4 yrs with 81 million still owed

Brandon Phillips              2 yrs with 27 million still owed

All you can do is hope to tie these guys to a deal involving someone from group 1 or give them away for a cart of batting practice balls.  Either way I am all for it.  Joey will never be healthier than he is right now, Bailey has never been the same since he pitched the gem in Game 3 against the Giants and the Reds pissed away the series. (thanks a lot Brandon Phillips)  And speaking of Phillips, you might find someone to believe he is still good and take this problem child but I doubt it.

Is Walt awake?  Is Castellini just the next homer owner that cares more about what the fans think then actually winning ball games?  All I want is a direction with this team and right now they are like Bart in the row boat when he sold his soul.  GOING NO WHERE!


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