AJ Guyton disagrees with BDS and other things I learned yesterday

Posted: July 23, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Yesterday I released what in my mind would be the best teams compiled using players from the past 30 years and your feedback was incredible!  Here is what I have learned.

  • Kentucky fans think I should have had a Blue and White platoon.  Many think that UK could put a 2nd team together that would still be better than the rest.  Kenny Walker should have been included even though he is right on the year cutoff line and make it over Cousins.  Kenny arguably has the most complete career at UK behind Dan Issel.
  • AJ Guyton is on twitter and thinks I made a mistake.  The two names that IU fans kept sending me the most were Guyton and Jay Edwards.  Then I get a tweet from AJ himself letting me know he is more deserving than Victor Oladipo.  Who am I to disagree?  If you do not follow AJ on twitter, you should.  Not only did AJ make last night very entertaining but he follows BDS!
  • There are more Notre Dame basketball fans than Purdue and Butler combined.  I received a lot of good feedback from Irish fans but hardly nothing from the BoilerUp crew and absolutely nothing from Butler fans.  Which goes along with my point that no one really cares about Butler basketball no matter how much Dan Dakich tells us different.  I was disappointed in the Boiler response.  I got more and better feedback from IU fans and AJ Guyton on Purdue snubs.
  • Louisville fans were slow to get involved but gave some great names.  I don’t blame them from being gun-shy, I am usually killing them on here.

So here are the names I received the most and felt was most worthy of inclusion.  What changes would you make?  Now remember I am trying to put together the best team so a roster of all big men or point guards probably wouldn’t be the best.



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