You need one of these right now!

Posted: July 31, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized


There are few players that have crossed rival lines and is universally liked by all fan base’s but Jared Lorenzen is one of those few players.  I remember getting calls from all my IU and UofL friends during the UK / Arkansas 7 overtime game and all were rooting hard for Lorenzen to win.  Part of his allure is because Jared was never hard to spot on a football field but what makes people love and root for him still today is the way he embraces the legend of Jered Lorenzen.  Many of these tales have grown larger than his belly but they are all entertaining.  Did he really eat a hotdog during a time out?  Could he really throw the ball over the mountain?  You would have to ask him to find out, @JaredLorenzen22, but I do know he is the best belly flopper around.

I always say if you don’t like yourself then how do you expect anyone else to like you.  Find out who you are and own it.  Well Jared sure owns it, and not only does he own it he wants to share it with us.  I give you

Not only can #BBN find some fun Kentucky gear but Jared has two t-shirts that anyone can appreciate no matter who you root for.

8blue_grande 18_grande

As you see they do come in grey and black if you can’t bring yourself to wear Kentucky blue. So do yourself a favor and take a second to check it out I know I will.


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