Almost Friday College Basketball Notes

Posted: August 13, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

I know we are all getting ready for the up coming football season but we had a couple notable things go down in the college basketball world this week that caught my eye.

Indiana Hoosiers

Meet your new class of 2016 shooting guard.

Grant Gelon Crown Point HS / 6’4″ / 165 lbs

Gelon is not rated by scout and the fact Crean even offered the kid is a real head scratcher to me.  Gelon accepted the offer faster than a fat kid being offered birthday cake.  Gelon’s summer coach, Kristof Kendrick gave this quoted comparing him to a former Crean player.   “You could see him a lot as a Matt Roth type.” 

Way to set the ceiling high coach.  So what you are saying this kid can come in, play no defense, hit a shot or two only to be told to move on down the road.  This signing really reminds me of the Billy G days at Kentucky when he was signing 8th graders because of the size of their feet.

Louisville Cards


If you don’t live in Louisville you might not be aware that Louisville’s basketball team is in Puerto Rico playing games against the Rick Pitino coached PR national team.  I won’t waste your time with the details but here are a few takeaways.

Rick Pitino still lies when he is out of the country.  Rick had this quote on new Card Damion Lee, a fifth year transfer from Drexel.

“You know, he’s a little bit better version of Ron Mercer, because he can put it on the floor. Ron was terrific. He’s such a quick slasher in and out. He can run pick and rolls better than Ron.”

That’s right, the guy that transferred because he was not good enough to go pro after graduating is better than Ron Mercer.  SMH

This might be the worst team Rick has had at Louisville.  The Cards are getting abused by the Sharks, that is their nick name right?  They have NOTHING inside and the above mentioned Lee has decided that he is going to go all Kobe and shoot his way to the NBA not worrying if they go in.  If Rick gets this year’s team to the Sweet 16 then he has really done his job but then I always think, you are a college coach.  You make your own roster so why is it so bad?

Anyway, worry not IU and UofL fans, football season is almost here!!!!


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