#NotreDame Reasons to get excited about the Irish!

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Notre Dame fans might be looking forward to the upcoming season but many have that wait and see approach to the upcoming season.  A season that many, including myself, think could land the Irish back atop the college football world and a trip to the Final Four.  Want to get excited?  Take a look at this quote from coach Brian Kelly when asked how this years team compares to the 2012 BCS runner-up team.

“It’s a faster team. It’s a more athletic team. We were deeper at virtually all positions across the board, both on the offensive line and the defensive line,”

Just let that sink in for a second.  Not similar, not better here and there.  BIGGER FASTER STRONGER EVERYWHERE!

Brian Kelly is putting it out there.  Here obviously wants there to be no excuses why this years team can not only win but win big.  Last year was full of excuses and finger pointing.  You had a dynamic between coach and quarterback that was anything but positive.  Was Kelly to hard on Everett Golson?  Should he be more demanding or bench him?  Is Golson actually going to start crying in a game?  Where are the leaders of this team?  All questions that were asked at some point last year.  This year is different and here is why I think the Irish can do something real special this year.

Golson is Gone

I know this might sound cruel but addition by subtraction sums up the departure of Everett Golson.  This kid just didn’t ever seem he could deal with the pressures of being the quarterback of the Fighting Irish.  I think he wanted to, I think he prepared to but when things started to unravel a bit he just was not able to rally the troops and make them believe everything was going to be OK.  Now is Zaire “the man”?  Time will tell but Kelly has the track record that shows he can get the most out of a QB and the swagger Kelly is showing to me right now is a direct reflection in how he feels about his quarterback.

This Team has Leaders

Here is another quote from Kelly on media day.

“We probably have some of the best leaders we have ever had at Notre Dame, starting with Joe Schmidt”

Not only do I think the team has better leaders this year but I see a different Brian Kelly this year.  A coach that knows and is owning what is the expectation at Notre Dame.  For the first time since he has been there I see a coach that believes he belongs as Notre Dame and knows he can get a team to where it is expected to be.

The Schedule


The schedule this year is one that is hard enough to put them in the discussion at the end of the year but not so bad that you feel it is impossible.  The Irish should be 4-0 going into the first real test of the season at Clemson.  I know everyone is saying that Clemson will be good this year but this Clemson team is not as good as the FSU team the Irish played in Tallahassee last year and this Irish team is better.  The other game on the schedule that could be a potential roadblock is the home game against USC.  The schedule has no games against gimmies.  No Sam Houston States or Middle Tennessee States.  So if the Irish do have one loss they should still be in the discussion like the Buckeyes last year.

So there you go.  Reason to get excited about the Irish this year.

GOOOOO IRISH, BEEEEEEAT cows with big horns and no balls!


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