So how does the Adidas deal affect IU? #iubb #iufb

Posted: August 19, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

untitledSo by now everyone has heard about the huge sack of money Adidas dropped at Indiana Universities door step.  Look, first and foremost this is only a good thing for IU.  An athletic program that does not have the football revenue many of the Big10 schools have must find ways to fill the coffers and did they ever.  This money will not only help the basketball and football programs but will help IU pay coaches of the non-revenue sports that can put IU more on par with Ohio St. and Michigan and build a better overall sports program.

Now I have heard some grumbling around Hoosier Nation, not much but it is out there.  Yesterday, an Indy afternoon sport talk host, yes you Jake Query, went on and on about how this will hurt IU’s recruiting because most kids are Nike kids in AAU and will stay loyal to Nike, World Wide Wes rules the world, yadda yadda yadda.  That idea is just misguided and stereotypical.  The #1 thing that drives college basketball recruiting is COACHES.  Why do you think Auburn and Alabama just landed two 5 star recruits this week?  Because they are Nike schools?  Hell no, because both schools went out and hired coaches that create buzz.  Bruce Pearl and Avery Johnson are the reason those kids are going to the State of Alabama not the shoes.  The only kid that you could say probably went to a school because of shoes lately is Shabazz Muhammad and he went to an Adidas school, UCLA.

If there is something for Hoosier Nation to worry about it is the fact that Adidas has some of the ugliest uniforms known to man.  Football can go nuts and no one really cares.  Any pub the football team gets is good so why not dress them in LED lights and costumes that looks like a Disney parade.  Now basketball is different.  To IU’s credit they has been able to push back to this point when it came to jerseys with sleeves and neon uniforms but since Adidas is writing such a big check will that change?  Let me remind you what Adidas has done to the uniforms of other heavyweights like Kansas, UCLA and Louisville.


Those will look great under the candy strip pants.  Now I have reached out to some of those in the know and they assure that there is no way IU basketball will ever clown up the classic look but usually when a company writes a check that big they get their way.  #JustSaying


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