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So yesterday a semi-truck (I’m sure being driven by a guy that just got out of jail or not able to hold down any other full or part time job) carrying thousands of honey bees crashed in Oklahoma causing the release of said bees.  There is a picture floating around of a Sheriff’s vehicle, with the deputy trapped inside circulating the web.

beesIt took bee keeps hours to clear the scene and of course I had the typical BDS thought of why didn’t they just push the vehicle into the Superdome and turn on the AC?

What?  You have no idea what I am talking about?  Then you are obviously under the age of 40 and or never had to watch bad movies on TV when NFL games were blacked out in your area as a kid.

I give you….The Savage Bees (1976)


All you need is 90 minutes and not urge to better yourself as a person to search out and watch this classic from the 70’s.


The college football season is four weeks in and it is never too early to start looking forward to the College Football Playoff.  Out of the 128 teams that were eligible for the playoff at the start of the season we have eliminated 79 of them.  We are left with 49 teams that can still make an argument for the Final Four while 29 of them are still undefeated.

I’m not going to argue either way that the four teams in the American Athletic conference and Toledo can’t make it even if they run the table.  You just never know.  The rules are simple.  Power 5 plus Notre Dame will stay on the list with one loss.  Everyone else must stay undefeated to keep from being eliminated.


Getty Images

Getty Images

I’m back from hiatus and just in time for October and the college football season to get real.  We are a month into the season and we are starting to see who is for real, UCLA, and who was just hype, we are all looking at you Auburn.  Let’s take a look at what we have learned so far.

It’s not easy to repeat.  Ohio St. is looking like a team that thinks they just have to show up to get back to the Final Four.  The only thing they have going for themselves is that pansy schedule of theirs.  Everyone should be an Indiana fan this week and hope IU to shock the world as the Buckeyes head to Bloomington.

Speaking of the Hoosiers this season needs to be a bowl season year and to do so Indiana needs to win 2 conference games.  Looks like their best three shots will be home games against Rutgers and Iowa plus the season ending trip to Purdue.

Don’t look now BIG10, but that prick Harbaugh has Michigan getting better.

Kentucky is going bowling this year as long as Stoops can keep the season from going off the rails.

The best chance the SEC has to make the playoff is Georgia.  The SEC West is going to cannibalize themselves.

Idaho fans have realized something Louisville fans have not.  A Petrino coaching your team is not good for anyone.

CPiS5c8WwAEvwYVI should have never picked BYU instead of Memphis in the college football pool.  Memphis is lighting it up and once again BYU has no quarterback.  Don’t feel bad BYU, Oregon isn’t doing so great without a quarterback either.

Speaking of teams missing their QB, Notre Dame is for real and with a win this week there should be no way the haters can deny them any longer.  This Irish team is showing just have deep and skilled they are.

The polls mean nothing and if you know anything about football you really should look at them less than intelligent people should go to Facebook.  Here are the four teams if the season ended today that should make the Final Four.


and the next four knocking on the door.

olemiss osu tcu ucla

OK, ever since the New York Daily News showed us the gnarly photo of Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand I have been searching Google looking for what movie characters that stump reminds me of and I think I have found it.  Well, actually I found two things that I think looks like JPP’s nub.  I apologize now because once you see this you will never be able to see to movies the same way again.  First here is the hand again.


And here are the two creatures it reminds me of.

Sid from Ice Age


Ree-Yees from Star Wars


What do you buy a kid with 11 fingers?

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My Dad taught me the answer to the age-old question that haunted men better than I for many years.  What do you buy a kid that has eleven fingers for his birthday?  The correct answer of course is fireworks.  Well thanks to the New York Daily News and Jason Pierre-Paul we have more evidence that Pops was wise beyond his years.


Hide your bikes! West Lafayette edition

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untitledTwo Freshman Purdue football players, Evyn Cooper and David Rose, were arrested yesterday.  One for theft and one for attempted theft(obviously David Rose is not a finisher) and what were the two Boiler cornerbacks taking without permission you ask?  Bicycles.  What?  Yep bikes?  I know, they allegedly were forcing locks off the bikes and were arrested at 1 am Wednesday morning.

So were these kids just tired of walking around campus?  Maybe the cool kids in their dorm have those awesome BMX bikes with the pegs and get chicks by doing tricks in the parking lot and they just wanted to fit in?  Or, the coaching staff told them they had to get bigger, faster, stronger and they thought late night mountain biking was their path to a starting stop on the defense.  Maybe they wanted to practice their cool jumps and their bike was in the shop?


Whatever the reasons were I’m sure they had a good reason. (cough, idiots)  Now, if these two are found guilty I think I have found the perfect punishment to fit the crime.

They have to serve 40 hours of community service in Mr. Horton’s bike shop.


Which Louisville team will show up tonight? #L1C4

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untitledAre you ready for some football?  I sure hope so because tonight brings us two big games.  The Shield brings us Broncos-Chiefs and ESPN will start the night off with Clemson at Louisville.  If you are still reeling from picking Wisconsin and the Colts to win last weekend this might get you going.  So rub the sleep out of your eyes, set your fantasy football line-up, make sure the fridge has beer and get your mind right.  If you need a little something to help take a look at this.

This match up is a big on for the Cards who are facing 0-3 right in the eye and have to go on the road to NC St and FSU in two weeks.  A big win tonight in the mists of the blackout planned at Papa John’s good go a long way for Louisville but if Clemson comes in beats down UofL then there will start to be some real doubt about this year’s team.  Louisville has played two games and it seems to have more questions than they did before the season started.  Do they have a quarterback?  Can they fill the holes of players that are now playing on Sunday?  Is the defensive going to be the strength of this years team?  All questions that many UofL fans thought they could answer 2 weeks ago but not real sure about right now.

One thing for sure is PJS will be rocking and will provide an atmosphere ripe for an upset if Louisville can give them something to cheer about.

PREDICTION:  Louisville 27   Clemson 31