What we know so far about the college football season

Posted: September 28, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized
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I’m back from hiatus and just in time for October and the college football season to get real.  We are a month into the season and we are starting to see who is for real, UCLA, and who was just hype, we are all looking at you Auburn.  Let’s take a look at what we have learned so far.

It’s not easy to repeat.  Ohio St. is looking like a team that thinks they just have to show up to get back to the Final Four.  The only thing they have going for themselves is that pansy schedule of theirs.  Everyone should be an Indiana fan this week and hope IU to shock the world as the Buckeyes head to Bloomington.

Speaking of the Hoosiers this season needs to be a bowl season year and to do so Indiana needs to win 2 conference games.  Looks like their best three shots will be home games against Rutgers and Iowa plus the season ending trip to Purdue.

Don’t look now BIG10, but that prick Harbaugh has Michigan getting better.

Kentucky is going bowling this year as long as Stoops can keep the season from going off the rails.

The best chance the SEC has to make the playoff is Georgia.  The SEC West is going to cannibalize themselves.

Idaho fans have realized something Louisville fans have not.  A Petrino coaching your team is not good for anyone.

CPiS5c8WwAEvwYVI should have never picked BYU instead of Memphis in the college football pool.  Memphis is lighting it up and once again BYU has no quarterback.  Don’t feel bad BYU, Oregon isn’t doing so great without a quarterback either.

Speaking of teams missing their QB, Notre Dame is for real and with a win this week there should be no way the haters can deny them any longer.  This Irish team is showing just have deep and skilled they are.

The polls mean nothing and if you know anything about football you really should look at them less than intelligent people should go to Facebook.  Here are the four teams if the season ended today that should make the Final Four.


and the next four knocking on the door.

olemiss osu tcu ucla


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