1988, What the world looked like when the Hoosiers last beat Ohio St. #iufb #iufb4gameday

Posted: October 1, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

October 8, 1988.  A date that Indiana fans would love to forget come this Saturday.  This is the date when Indiana last beat the Buckeyes in football.  But before the Hoosiers end the streak we need to know where the streak began.  All of the players were not born, many of the fans were just kids and we all lived in a country that had never had a President named Bush.  Come with me to a world known as 1988.

The Vice President

You forgot we had a VP from Indiana didn’t you.

We still loved OJ


The Juice was making us laugh and had not killed anyone yet.  At least that we knew of.

Bobby Brown was a singer


and had not turned America’s sweetheart into a crack whore yet.

Hulk Hogan was wrestling Andre the Giant


and didn’t seem to be such a racist.

This passed as TV entertainment.


and we were still 12 years away from Survivor and reality television.

Electronic Arts releases the first John Madden Football


and I guarantee most of the players playing Saturday don’t even know he was a NFL coach.

Kurt Gibson was still playing


Ben Johnson was juicing


And Larry Brown was cheating



Mike Tyson was champ


and not an Indiana resident yet.

Girls wore shoulder pads


and Guys tight rolled their jeans


no really, we did that.

So as you can see, it’s about time Indiana beats the Buckeyes.  Go Hoosiers!


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