Screw History! Bring on the Buckeyes #iufb #iufb4gameday

Posted: October 1, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized


If you are an Indiana football fan this is your week and I hope you are enjoying it.  Weeks like this don’t come around Bloomington very often so you have to embrace them when you get them.  The #1 ranked Buckeyes come to town on a current 20 game winning streak against the Hoosiers and the buzz around the IU football program is growing and real.

I don’t want to kill your buzz but let’s first take a look at why history tells us you should not get your hopes up.

  • All time record vs OSU 9-71-4
  • Since 1950 3-52-2 with loosing streaks of 7, 23 and the current 20 games.
  • In the past 10 years IU has played 25 ranked teams and have won only two of those games.  Last years win against #18 Missouri and a 31-28 win over #15 Iowa in 2006.
  • Not only have they lost to Ohio St. 20 straight times but have not beat the Buckeyes in 23 games.  The 1990 game ended in a 27-27 tie. 

Is this the year Indiana can make a trip to a bowl game?  Well, history once again says no.  The only time Indiana has played in a bowl game since 1993 was in 2007 and guess what?  IU didn’t have to face a ranked team all season that year.

Let’s just put this in perspective.  The last time the Hoosiers beat Ohio St. the year was 1988.  Hell, most of the parents of the current players were not in college yet.

Oliver North entered our lives during the Iran Contra hearings,


Rain Man was the highest grossing movie,


and Bobby McFerrin was telling us to Don’t Worry, Be Happy.


For the love of God, this match up has been so one sided it has given us the tale of Lee Corso calling time out to take a team picture below the scoreboard while the Hoosiers took an early 7-6 lead in the 1976 game.  (OSU went on to win that game 47 to 7.)

But you know what???

imagesCAI13X22SCREW HISTORY!  This can be the year!  Even if you are not an Indiana fan everyone can get on board this week because someone needs to beat this Buckeyes team so they can be exposed for the frauds they are.  They play no one.  They hide behind history and give out stickers like a jean skirted grade school teacher.  Their fans are the worst and probably smell.  I mean, just look at them.

This Ohio St. team has played like a team still drunk from last years celebration.  They should have been beaten by a MAC team and are ripe for the pick’ns.

Not fired up yet?  Well Johnny Brewers put together a hype up video to get your mind right.  GO HOOSIERS!  BEAT THE SUCKEYES!


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