It’s just different in Kentucky #BBN

Posted: October 2, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

There is no doubt that Kentucky basketball is year round but the unofficial start of the season is taking place right now at the Big Blue Campout.  Not only does UK pack Rupp Arena for Big Blue Madness but people started lining up Monday so they could set up camp on Wednesday so they could wait till Saturday to get a ticket to a fake practice.  “You people are crazy” (Cal voice)

Big Blue Campout has become much more than waiting in line for Madness tickets.  It has become an annual pilgrimage to Lexington to share in the excitement of the upcoming basketball season.

Here are some pictures from

1waNWu_AuSt_79 13YWYs_AuSt_79 132 621I6_AuSt_79

Here are two of my favorite pictures from Tent City by Nick Roush on

21832047472_abe15e2c7a_k-600x400 21843928975_c113f46cd6_k-600x400

I love that the girls of UKHoops are getting involved too.


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