Notre Dame will go all Lieutenant Dan on the Tigers #NDvsCLEM

Posted: October 2, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Notre Dame fans, we are only one sleep away for the biggest test of the year for the Irish as they travel to Death Valley to take on the #12 Clemson Tigers.  It looks like the Irish will not only be facing the Tigers but also the elements as God sends Joaquin to dump up to 2 feet of rain (yes I said feet and not inches) on Clemson, SC.

No, not this guy




I know, the first picture is much creepier but trust me, the Hurricane will cause more damage.  Yes, I’ve seen I’m Still Here.  I know it’s a piece of crap.  Anyway!

So instead of burning the boats like the Vikings I see Brian Kelly building an ark and slip and slide down Howard’s Rock hill to victory.  Can’t you see Will Fuller going all Lieutenant Dan.

Just so he doesn’t use a scissor lift to get up there I think he will be just fine and lead the Irish to a 5-0 record.

What? Too soon?

Anyway, it for sure is going to be a wet and wild game full of twists and turns so you better make sure you pace yourself for the 8pm start time.

If your week has flown by and you are not quite ready for the weekend then WatchND has you covered to get your mind right.



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