Houston Bastards, Big Roy, My 2 Cents to #L1C4 and Midgets

Posted: October 7, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Who watched the Astros head to NYC last night and take the Yanks here?


The Astros are young, exciting and everything the Yankees are not right now.  Even with all the glee of watching ARod flare a weak ball to center with 2 on and 2 out, all I could think about was this.


So what exactly was Big Roy trying to accomplish here?

It is kinda strange to see a guy who acted like he couldn’t care less about playoff games travel to the world of Kobe and want to show some heart in a fake, preseason game.  Until Roy actually plays hard in back to back games that counts then I am going to chalk this up to Roy trying to show off in front of Kobe.

birdOK, here is my 2 cents for Louisville fans out there.  YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS!  Believe it or not I am standing up for you.  You deserve to be treated better than Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino has treated you over the years.  Yes they have won you some games and Rick hung a banner a couple of years ago.  They are both great coaches, one a HOF’er but when is enough enough?  Trust me, you will get a great coach.  Will he be Rick?  No, but that is a good thing.  Rick is a bully that pushes around everyone in town to get his way from the media, the fans and players that he forces to transfer.  Along with the one title Rick has brought to Louisville he has also brought two embarrassing sex scandals,  numerous characters that had to be removed or disciplined because they were not Louisville men and probably the clap.  The man is a liar and a bully, case closed.  So now what do you do Louisville fans?  Well, it is up to you.  You can demand a program that you can be proud of or you can continue to be the punchline of jokes around the country.  Sure you will win games but I think you can have both.  You can win games and have a program you can be proud of.

You have possibly the nicest facilities in the country, one of the best fan bases around, the revenue stream to pay a top coach away from their current job and you sit right in the middle of one of the hottest recruiting hotbeds in the country.  Can you get that coach right now?  No.  What needs to happen is pat Rick on the butt like he does street walkers in Italian restaurants and name an assistant interim coach.  Take this time to put your feelers out and find your next great coach.  I really think that Louisville could land a guy like Billy Donovan, Brad Stevens or one of the Miller boys.  Frank Vogel could be out of a job in Indy real soon if things don’t go the Pacers way and you never know?

So what I am saying is stop being bullied and take your program back.  Yes, Rick has done great things but he has also drug you through the mud.  Put your foot down and make a stand.

I’m glad I got that off my chest.  I feel better.  Now I can go back to talking to my brother and making fun of Louisville.

I will leave you with this final headline that I woke up to.

Little people leave Luke Bryan concert after being harassed

Enjoy, and happy hump day!


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